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Open Pluggable Specification Explained

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When Intel Corp. announced its Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) for digital signage media players in late 2010, their goal was to help make digital signage media players “as interchangeable as car stereos,” as Intel Director of Retail and Digital Signage Jose Avalos said in an interview last year.

It’s a natural progression in any technology segment to move from a landscape with few “standards” toward some kind of plug and play compatibility among hardware from different providers. But standards are always complicated, not in the sense of creating them but getting the market to buy in to them. (A “fragmented” market with few standards can provide fertile ground for integrators and design consultants’ services.) While a wild west climate can mean business for those who can navigate clients through it, industry standards are needed, and are inevitable. More standardization of the “media player” side of the industry will mean that providers can focus more energy on solutions rather than on operational hardware problems.

So how is OPS coming? Are there specific solutions out there using the approach? To find out, tune into the Webinar on Oct. 11 “OPS Digital Signage Development Simplified”.

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NEC Open Pluggable Specification Media Players

NEC Display Solutions of America, a provider of commercial LCD display and projector solutions, today released the addition of an Open Pluggable Specification (OPS)-compliant computer for integration with select NEC large-screen displays.The internal PC uses open pluggable specification option slot for crisp content playback

Open Pluggable Spec, Today

Thursday, October 11th, digital signage industry professionals can learn from the inside about Intel’s Open Pluggable Specification (OPS); how Microsoft’s embedded operating system offers the tools necessary for a secure OPS implementation; and how OPS addresses a fragmented market, allowing digital signs to be more intelligent and connected. The webinar will take place at 2pm Eastern time.

DIGI Awards Program Open for Entries

The 2014 DIGI Awards program, the most prestigious, established Awards program recognizing excellence in both digital signage applications, and new products for digital signage, is now officially open for entries. Deadline for entry is October 25th, 2013.