Digital Signage Planning Guide 6th Edition from Lyle Bunn

Digital Signage Planning Guide 6th Edition from Lyle Bunn
  • The 6th edition of the Digital Signage Planning Guide has been released by BUNN coinciding with Digital Signage Expo 2016.

The USB drive ebook of materials authored by Lyle Bunn will assist end users, integrators and suppliers in the planning, investment, deployment, operation and optimization of digital signage initiatives.

The Digital Signage Planning Guide, which was first released in 2004, is in use around the world.

“The planning guide cuts many weeks of time in network planning and helps to minimize risk and problems as projects proceed,” said Lyle Bunn. “As funding and organizational support for initiatives is being sought, the templates and presentation materials provided in native form are especially valuable.”

It is organized as 91 separate documents in 23 sections, and includes 5 in-depth guides for major applications (food services, retail, banking, staff communications, content), 4 templates (network description, ad revenue forecast, playloop structure, style guide) and presentations in native Word, Excel and powerpoint formats. Sections include:

A. READ ME – Detailed Table of Contents.
B. Industry Outlook
C. How Digital Signage Operates
D. The “Why” of Digital Signage – Objectives
E. Planning Digital Signage - Network Description Template
F. Planning Digital Signage – Food Services
G. Planning Digital Signage – Retail
H. Planning Digital Signage - Education
I. Planning Digital Signage – Health Services
J. Planning Digital Signage - Banking
K. Content Strategy (Playloop planning template, How to make content, style guide sample, Content quality assessment)
L. Third party advertising revenues
M. Return on Investment
N. Gaining Buy-In and Budget
O. Getting Buy-in, Funding and Consensus
P. Other Digital Signage Applications
Q. Planning Digital Signage – Staff Communications
R. Integrators and Dynamic Signage
S. Sign Providers and Dynamic Signage
T. Additional Useful Materials
U. Where to get more help.

The Digital Signage Planning Guide 6th Edition can be purchased online for $70 including shipping from

The Digital Signage Planning Guide reflects a Level 1 of service to projects where considerable information and templates are useful to planning initiatives.

Level 2 service is provided through the “Doctor is In” service in which BUNN is engaged on an hourly or short-term basis in which orientation and input is provided during planning, funding, sourcing and optimization.

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