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Staffing Up

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In early October, InfoComm International announced that it has named André LeJeune to a new Rental & Staging staff instructor position on ts faculty. This was welcome news, because it

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underscores InfoComm’s commitment to the Rental & Staging community, and because Andre is well know to us and has worked with our Rental & Staging Roadshow, with excellent results.

Most recently Andre LeJeune, who has more than 30 years of staging and presentation expertise, was senior director of training at MVP International. I’ve known Andre for years in this capacity, and he was in charge of training a large and diverse staff of stagers and hotel AV technicians. MVP has long been a staple of consistency and professionalism in the AV world, and no one could have done a better job of training both seasoned pros on the high end and new staff. Certainly in his years at MVP, Andre has seen it all, and has worked on some top shows and presentations for the Fortune 500.

Last summer, Andre was the head technical track presenter at our Rental & Staging Roadshow held in New York. In fact, that summer day last year was the launch of our Rental & Staging Roadshow, and brought many of the Northeast’s top rental and staging professionals to Altman Rentals for the Business and Tech Tracks. Andre did a great job on the Tech Track of our Roadshow, and I remember him saying he wished he had time to do it on a regular basis.

Well, with Andre now on staff at InfoComm, and with our official alliance with InfoComm on the production of the Rental & Staging Roadshow, Andre will be an instructor at the Roadshow beginning with the first one in 2009. He’ll make a great addition to the staff, and I’m sure he’ll have some interesting new war stories to tell about staging shows for some of the country’s top companies. Stay tuned for the complete itinerary for 2009’s Roadshows. And in the meantime remember that we have two more Rental & Staging Roadshows this year. We’ll be in Chicago on November 5, at Production Plus’ headquarters. Next we will be in Burbank, CA on December 3. Stay tuned for more info on the location in Burbank. The Roadshow is a day of training, seminars, and exhibits presented by the Rental & Staging Systems magazine and InfoComm, and a great opportunity to get some training for your team (and for your CTS holders to earn Renewal Units from InfoComm). Register now at


Sizing Up the Industry. By David Keene

First things first: If you have not done so, log on to and vote for the best new products for the rental and staging market introduced in 2005. Details about the nominated products can be found on the voting site at (see the list of the nominated products on page 16-17 of this issue). Voting has been extended, but only until May 4, so vote now. And when you register for InfoComm be sure to sign up for the AV Awards Banquet, to take place Tuesday evening, June 6. The third annual InfoComm AV Awards Banquet, honoring the best AV products, people, and projects in the industry, kicks off the InfoComm Show (and wraps up Super Tuesday). Awards will be presented by Systems Contractor News, Rental & Staging Systems, ARCHI-TECH Magazine, and InfoComm International. (Reserve a table by calling InfoComm customer service at 703.273.7200 or 800.659.7469). This year the Awards ceremony will start a bit earlier (5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.), will be a mor

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Projecting InfoComm…

As we reported last issue, development of the “high end” staging projection systems didn’t slow down as the recession hit, although we heard less about them because of the manufacturer’s shift in marketing to lower-cost models.

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Roadshow Full Sail Oct. 9th, Agenda Heats Up

The Oct. 9th InfoComm/NewBay Media Rental & Staging Roadhow at the facilities of Full Sail University is shaping up to be a nice event. What’s on the agenda? Not sure where to start: the venue–not your father’s university, or the folks that will be on hand–including some of the country’s top stagers.

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Virtual Realities and Market Choices

Digital signage, I’ve written here before, cannot be ignored if you’re in the staging or rental business. NewBay Media and InfoComm have partnered together to launch Digital Signage 2010, an innovative virtual conference for digital signage professionals. The event will feature a program of conference sessions with li