HES Lighting Powers Harvest America Show

HES Lighting Powers Harvest America Show
  • Since 1990, Harvest Crusades has put on large-scale evangelistic outreaches around the United States and throughout the world. Their most recent evangelical event, Harvest America, is an annual live national event, with this year's gathering streamed from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia to thousands of participating locations across the country, including churches, theaters, businesses, and living rooms. Featuring performances by top Christian artists and a gospel message by Greg Laurie, over 207,000 tuned in for this year's outreach.

With large television and live audiences to consider, Harvest Ministries LD Chris Eguizabal chose High End Systems intellaspot XT-1 fixtures as his primary intelligent lighting fixture at the event, using a total of 24 instruments in the rig.

"Originally we were going to use a lighting company out here in California named Felix Lighting, but they told me that the trucking costs would eat up my budget, and they suggested Mainlight Industries,” Equizabal said. “Mainlight was onboard, but suggested using Pinpoint Lighting for the production support. So I visited Pinpoint and met John Duncan, and we started going over what fixtures should be used. They needed to look great on television but also should be able to create spectacular lighting effects for the audience actually in the arena. I had some Sharpy and Aura fixtures in the design, and had wanted to use the Viper as well, but they were out of my budget for this show. John told me about the intellaspot; I had never used them before, but I valued his opinion and trusted him on it. We demo'd it at a friend's church, and it was exactly what we were looking for. I liked the indigo highlighters, which could provide really cool eye candy, and I ended up choosing the intellaspot as the main spot fixture in the rig."

Eguizabal said he placed the 24 intellaspots on the roof truss over the stage, 'just to give a ton of gobo splashes everywhere'. He also employed them as his main back lights for the band and speakers. "The intellaspots allowed me to carry those effects into the audience for ballyhoos and such. The cameras are positioned where we get a lot of 'up' angles because of the stage's positioning, so placing them there accentuated the eye candy of the indigo highlighter; the fixture has a huge lens which is good for the camera's eye. The gobos, strobing and zoom capabilities with 24 fixtures were spectacular."

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