Large Venue Projection at the Crossroads -

Large Venue Projection at the Crossroads

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The high lumen video projector has always been at the heart of the staging and live events market. In fact the high lumen video projector was born in the staging market– not in the movie theater as were the first sophisticated Audio/P.A. systems. But those tables are being turned this year. As traditional theatrical movie distribution is being disrupted, High Frame Rate, 3D, and using movie theaters for remote-broadcast “live” events are moving to the forefront. And laser light sources for projectors are in the wings– to ramp up lumen levels in quantum leaps, not incremental stages.

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Putting the Dazzle Back in the AV Display Equation

As much as we hear from experts year in and year out that “content is king”, that displays and other technical tools are just that–tools– at the end of the day so much of our industry rides on the introduction of new technology.

Projection Summit: Sizing Up Video Projectors

The Monday-Tuesday Projection Summit at the InfoComm covered everything from Laser-based digital cinema projectors, to certifying projectors for “Green”, to the rapid rise of the new “hybrid” projectors for the education market especially. Panasonic made major news at the Projection Summit by announcing they will introduce a hybrid projector line at InfoComm.

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Epson Pro G-Series Large Venue Projectors

Epson has released a new line of Pro G7000-Series large venue projectors. With new features including increased brightness, and motorized lenses, the Pro G-Series consists of seven models delivering up to 8,000 lumens of color brightness and 8,000 lumens of white brightness, the series also features a zero-offset ultra short-throw lens with 0.35 throw ratio, ideal for space constrained venues and digital signage applications.

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Projecting InfoComm…

As we reported last issue, development of the “high end” staging projection systems didn’t slow down as the recession hit, although we heard less about them because of the manufacturer’s shift in marketing to lower-cost models.

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Projecting Success– In Unexpected Places

In the June issue of Digital Signage Magazine, we explore in-depth one of the most interesting aspects of the digital signage and DOOH market: the use video projection in a market that many view as the realm of the flat panel.

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Barco Unveils Large Screen Breakthroughs

The 2nd Annual Moody Gardens Digital Cinema Symposium took place Monday-Tuesday at Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas. Barco, teaming with museum cinema integration company D3D Cinema, was the event’s host, and Barco–as much of the electronics industry played with gadgets at CES in Vegas– unveiled some impressive large