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DOmedia Partners With BroadSign International to Facilitate Planning and Buying Cross-Network Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

  • DOmedia announced a partnership with BroadSign International, a leading worldwide provider of software solutions for managing digital out-of-home (digital signage) networks.
  • The system integration enables any of the 230 digital signage networks powered by BroadSign to submit their ad space and audience data to DOmedia's database. The availability of media inventory will be updated in real time. Media buyers will be able to use DOmedia's interface to search for available DOOH ad space and target campaigns based on demographic and geographic criteria, skipping the usual time-consuming research of each individual network.
  • "The integration of BroadSign strengthens DOmedia's position as the industry's most comprehensive database for digital, alternative and traditional out-of-home media and connects agencies and advertisers with even more opportunities in the digital out-of-home arena," said Ken Sahlin, vice president of sales and marketing for DOmedia.

BroadSign-run networks can now gain visibility to a growing roster of more than 300 registered agencies and advertisers who conduct thousands of searches each month through Through the joint platform, smaller digital signage networks can now become part of media buys that had previously been off limits to them.

"Adding networks belonging to BroadSign's connected 'universe' to DOmedia's inventory is the first stage of the partnership," said Brian Dusho, president and CSO of BroadSign. "The next stage will be automating the whole process - from planning to buying to cross-network campaign execution and reporting. This will help all stakeholders eliminate the huge cost and time involved in traditional manual processing, making the workflow truly Web-based and efficient."

Future benefits of this strategic partnership include BroadSign and DOmedia's working together to help implement industry-wide standardization and measurability of digital out-of-home media.