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Projector Mounts

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Product Spotlight Apr 2008 - Mounts Image

Description: Brackets for suspending a projector from a ceiling surface.

Application: Permanently installed video
or data projectors.

Selection tips:

1. Maximum weight capacity. Make sure you know the weight of the projector you are supporting and select a mount that states it can hold that weight or more. UL listed products are a better choice as the manufacturer pays to have the mount tested to four times the max weight.

2. Know your ceiling. Most mounts come with a ceiling plate that allows it to be mounted to a wood or concrete ceiling. However, some do not include a ceiling plate, so be wary. Also, if you're mounting to something else (i.e., pipe, I-beam, truss, etc.) you will need an additional adapter to make the link from ceiling to mount to projector.

3. Flexibility is important. Not all rooms are ideal for projectors. You can't always get your screen to the very top of the wall, which means you need to lower your projector or rely on lens shift and keystone correction, which will harm your final image. This is where an adjustable-height projector mount saves the day. These mounts typically offer a range of adjustment from 8 to 12 inches in height in order to line up with the top of the screen.

4. Tilt, roll, and yaw. All projector mounts offer significant amounts of each. Don't get caught up in the spec war. Unless you are mounting at an extreme angle, few installations require more than 5 degrees of tilt or roll. You don't need to pay more for tilt specs you'll never use. Yaw may be used if the screen ends up in an unanticipated location or your ceiling structure requires the mount to be installed perpendicular to the screen. Make sure your mount offers at least 40 degrees of yaw (360 degrees is best as long as it is free moving and doesn't rely on unthreading the mount from the support pipe).

5. Cable management. Once you have the projector mounted, it's time to tackle those pesky wires. Keep an eye out for projector mounts that incorporate cable management into the body of the mount.

Some manufacturers include cable wraps or sections of plastic to hold the cables tight. Others build cable
management right into the metal and allow you to route cables directly from the projector to your ceiling - or
beyond. Source: Premier Mounts



Short-Throw Projectors

Over the last several years, it seems that short-throw projectors have been popping up in many manufacturers' product catalogs.

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VMP Ships PM-LPM Yokeless Projector Mount

Video Mount Products is now shipping its PM-LPM yokeless low-profile projector mount. The PM-LPM has an MSRP of $139.95.   The PM-LPM yokeless low-profile projector mount. “At VMP, we take pride in both listening to what our customers want, as well as pr

Premier Mounts Adds New Model-Specific Projector Mounts

Premier Mounts’ says that its model-specific projector mounts help minimize the time needed to install a projector. Integrators can attach the mounting plate to the projector, then hook and fasten the mounting plate/projector assembly to the mount. Premier Mounts recently released model-specific Fine-Tune Projector (F

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Premier Mounts Shipping Short-Throw Projector Mounts

Anaheim, CA-- Premier Mounts is now shipping the EST100 and EST200, its latest slim-line short-throw projector wall mounts.   The EST100 slim-line short-throw projector wall mounts. Each mount fits most projectors weighing up to 25 lbs, and includes a universal projector mount

Video Mount's New Wall Mount

Video Mount Products has launched the new FP-XMLPAB “extra medium” low profile articulating wall mount with tilt and list adjustment capabilities at ISC East 2014, held in New York from Nov. 19-20 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, booth 430.