Decade of Growth Due to Innovation & Strong Network, Says Media Vision USA CEO

Decade of Growth Due to Innovation & Strong Network, Says Media Vision USA CEO

Media Vision USA celebrated its 10-year anniversary during InfoComm 2012 this month in Las Vegas.

“It took just about ten years for the industry to know we’ve arrived,” said Fardad Zabetian, Founder and CEO of Media Vision USA, as he announced the 10-year anniversary of the company. “Now that the TAIDEN microphones and interpretation systems have become a reference in the conferencing world, Media Vision is ready to take a great leap forward.”

Fardad Zabetian, Founder and CEO of Media Vision USA

The company says that their tremendous growth pace and key contracts signed in the past years have given Fardad Zabetian every reason to speak with such confidence. The defining moment being in late 2011, when Media Vision was awarded the contract to provide all congress microphones and simultaneous interpretation systems for the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Since then, the company says that opportunities with both the public and the private sectors have surged.

Roots in the Bay Area

The company was founded in June of 2002 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Following the thriving Silicon Valley spirit, Media Vision says that its founding history is filled with the flavors of entrepreneurship—risk-taking, hard work, and, most of all, the dreams of an immigrant making it all happen, company officials explain. “In 2002, Fardad was a recent immigrant from Iran who had experienced eight years of the Iran-Iraq war. America gave him a chance to pursue his dreams—starting a company to enhance communication among political figures, administrators, CEO’s and corporate members of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.”

A Strong Team

This all-American story wouldn’t be complete without the collaboration of great partners and team members. The first one to join Media Vision was Wesley Sutliff, now a Product Manager. Later came industry experts Patrick Herlihy, based in Washington DC, and David Dunn based in Toronto. “In the past year only, we have hired four people for technical and customer support,” said Fardad Zabetian “We are doing what it takes to ensure that customers keep on receiving the attention and service they demand. For us, business growth and customer-orientation stick together”.

Diversity and Positivity

Through the years, Media Vision was also able to maintain a rich company culture based on excellence, diversity, and positive attitudes. The same values were applied when, in 2006, Media Vision selected TAIDEN of Shenzhen, China, as their manufacturing partner. “At the time, TAIDEN wasn’t a major player in North America; but they already had excellent solutions, dynamic strategies for innovation, and most of all, a management and engineering team willing to give its all to succeed,” said Fardad, “With the recent release of the 8300 Paperless Multimedia Conference System, TAIDEN exceeded all our expectations. We are proud to be working with them.” As a result of a six-year partnership, with Media Vision’s sales and marketing drive, TAIDEN is now the leading brand for conference systems in the United States and Canada, the company reported.

With the announcement of Media Vision’s anniversary, an apparent excitement animated the entire team, officials said. “We’re celebrating!” said Wesley Sutliff. “We’ve worked hard, even more through tough economic times, now we all feel rewarded for a job well done. Still, it’s only the beginning."

Wesley continued by describing how overall, working in the niche market for conference systems gets more and more rewarding every day, as you know your products are serving high-profile public figures and key decision-makers. “We are providing all microphones and interpretation systems for the 2012 G-20 Mexico Summit this month. So we are all hoping, as an anniversary gift, to see the TAIDEN mics used by the President of the United States.”

Fardad Zabetian concluded his announcement with a note of thanks towards the Media Vision team, reps, partners, and the ever-extending network of dealers and consultants throughout North America. “I have special thoughts for all of those who believed in the company from the start, we couldn’t have done it without them.”

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