Blossom Learning Debuts Online Training -

Blossom Learning Debuts Online Training

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toronto, on, canada—A teacherdesigned, 100-percent online training course that brings the SMART Board fully to life in K-12 classrooms was introduced recently by Blossom Learning, an online training company comprised of former educators and AV presentation professionals who are dedicated to transforming the way technology is integrated in the classroom.

Now available for immediate purchase at, the “Online Applied SMART Board Course” provides K-12 teachers and school administrators with a simple low-cost way to fully maximize their investment in SMART Boards. The eight-chapter step-by-step guide is hosted by a lively avatar named Mrs. Blossom, a composite K-12 teacher.


SynAudCon Debuts New Online Audio Training

Greenville, IN-- SynAudCon recently announced the addition of "Level 50: How Sound Systems Work" to their web-based audio training offerings. Level 50 provides eight training lessons that cover everything from the signal chain and audio/acoustic signals to hooking up a sound system and common sound system problems.

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SynAudCon Adds Online Training

GREENVILLE, IN—Synergetic Audio Concepts (SynAudCon) plans to add online training courses to its audio education offerings. SynAudCon recently added hands-on training exercises to their live seminars that

SynAudCon Offers Online Training Demo

Greenville, IN-- SynAudCon is offering a free demonstration of their new interactive web-based training. The training module "The Signal Chain," part of the Level 100 training, can be accessed online along with the corresponding quiz by clicking here . "We think it is important for people to have the opportunity to

Revolabs Launches Online Training Courses

Sudbury, MA-- Revolabs Inc . has launched Revolabs Academy, a series of online training seminars designed to arm customers and distribution partners with in-depth knowledge of the company’s family of wireless audio systems for unified communications. “Over the past 18 months, we have conducted more than 25 day-long,