CINEMECCANICA and XPAND Announce Partnership

CINEMECCANICA and XPAND have formed an alliance to offer a highly evolved line of laser projectors and laser light engine modules to the global cinema and special events industries. At CinemaCon 2015 the companies will debut LUX, an aftermarket 6P laser light engine, compatible with Series 2 cinema DLP projectors. 6P laser light sources deliver significant advantages over traditional xenon lamps, the most noteworthy of which are an improved service model, a 30 percent increase in brightness, a lifetime of 30,000 hours (rather than 500) and a gain in energy efficiency of more than 50 percent.

The joint alliance of CINEMECCANICA and XPAND ensures more cinema businesses around the world have access to the LUX laser technology comprehensive worldwide sales and support network. The LUX laser light engine provides cinemas and event production professionals, among others, with a 3D system-agnostic solution that allows all standard 3D techniques, including 6P color separation. It also offers greatly improved brightness for 2D. These professionals can now operate at a higher level of consistency and confidence as the LUX laser light engine delivers constant brightness powering up the largest screens with no xenon light decay.

“This alliance presents the global exhibitor community with a winning combination of leading technology and an excellent partnership network,” said Maria Costeira, chief executive officer of XPAND. “Strong commercial opportunities exist for the light engine retro-fit solution that enables exhibitors to offer the highest quality to the largest screen, improve performance, lower costs, and boost efficiency.”

Echoing this sentiment, Massimo Riva, CEO of CINEMECCANICA said, “The consumer gains a much richer, more immersive experience while the exhibitor dramatically improves his product offering at a lower cost of ownership. The one-two punch of this alliance addresses a real market need and provides each organization with a likeminded, well-equipped strategic partner.”

Having a LUX laser light engine series—as featured with the LUX laser projector or retro-fitted to Series 2 cinema DLP projectors—delivers an unrivaled gamut of crisp colors, stable high-performing brightness (twice the light per projector compared to brightest xenon projectors) and versatility to perform optimally on white or silver screens. Used with the LUX 6P modular projector, the LUX solution is especially ideal for special event producers seeking to show on giant screens or achieve unprecedented brightness on normal screen sizes (14 fL in 3D). The modular design further advances system reliability and device customization from 20,000 up to 60,000 lumens with single-projector and up to 115,000 lumens in dual-projector configuration.

  • “Our partnership is clearly backed by substantive technology,” Costeira and Riva added. “The innovative design of the light engine allows for a better quality of the image via sustainable brightness, crisper colors, better uniformity and better contrast. We’re confident these advances will make a difference at the box office and the back office!”
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