Access1 Media Offers PointGrab Gesture Recognition Software to Digital Signage Market -

Access1 Media Offers PointGrab Gesture Recognition Software to Digital Signage Market

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Access1, a provider of Advanced Content Triggering Software, Interactive Applications and Analytic Reporting for Anonymous Video Analytic (AVA) enabled digital signage and retail displays has completed a licensing agreement with PointGrab technologies of Israel to sell PointGrab’s hand gesture recognition software in the US.

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Access1 is the first reseller to offer PointGrab’s hand gesture recognition solution to the US Digital Signage and Retail Display markets. PointGrab works with a standard 2D camera to track human hands individually or together, up to 5 meters.

“Gesture recognition is exploding right now with an increasing number of industries realizing the benefits touch-free technology brings to their customers,” said PointGrab CEO, Haim Perski. “From digital signage and retail display, to PC and TV interaction, gesture recognition enhances the user experience.”

“We are pleased to offer the PointGrab solution to our customers and to the Digital Signage and Retail Display Market here in the US. By teaming up with PointGrab, Access1 now offers brands, retailers and agencies the ability to leverage Digital Signage and Retail Displays in a whole new way. Consumers will be able to interact with their favorite brands and content much like they interact with their Wii, X-Box and PlayStation,” said Chris Harper, CEO of Access1 Media.

PointGrab solutions will be on display at the Touch Gesture Motion Conference on December 12-13, 2012 in Austin, TX.


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