AIS Releases a 10-inch Wireless Smart Digital Signage Display Supporting Scala Networks and Content Management Software -

AIS Releases a 10-inch Wireless Smart Digital Signage Display Supporting Scala Networks and Content Management Software

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American Industrial Systems releases a new RISC based 10.1-inch Smart Digital Signboard featuring SMIL Open Standard Architecture support and is also Scala Enabled Photo Frame Edition, supporting Scala Networks and Content Management Software. AIS digital signboards deliver DVD quality signage content in a compact frame you can place anywhere. The compact unit integrates the media player, high brightness display, expandable local storage, and wireless network into a compact sleek housing.

The AIS 10.1-inch Digital Signage System supports Scala Content Manager 5 (Release 5 or higher) networking features such as smart playlists and conditional playback (Scala Script is NOT supported). Extend your Scala Network by adding the Scala-enabled Photo Frame Edition SDS-101 Display into your digital signage locations. A combination of digital signage networks consisting of Scala PC players and AIS’ dedicated high definition and standard definition media player appliances can coexist to form a complete ecosystem of Scala-managed signage displays that can be deployed to suit your project needs. AIS’ Scala Enabled digital network players are managed just like PCs on the same Scala network. Heart-beats, play-logs, and content scheduling are handled using the same easy-to-use Scala Content Manager web-based user interface.

The plug and play compact design features a high brightness display totally integrated digital signage. Since the power adapter cable is the only physical connection to the player, it’s easy to achieve a clean and professional presentation in tight spaces. The unit features built-in Wi-Fi for easy content management and updating without the need to run cables. If Scala isn’t for you the Digital Signboard supports SMIL Open Standard Architecture which supports POPAI standard media formats, allowing users to custom program their own dynamic digital signage content and layout. The AIS’ Smart Digital Signboard system supporting Scala and XML-based SMIL Open API has opened up the doors and lowered the barrier of entry for Digital Signage with a complete all-in-one digital signage solution.


AIS Networked Digital Signage Player

American Industrial Systems Inc. (AIS) has released its newest generation of Digital Signage Players which enables organizations to create, manage, and publish digital media to easily connect to customers, employees, and partners. The SVS-3200 networked digital signage player and the MVP-2200 standalone media player provide a complete solution for publishing dynamic content in a flexible yet easy way. Both models utilize Sigma Designs' RISC embedded chipset bundled with Linux based management software, the Media Signage Organizer or MSO. The MSO software features an event manager, content organizer, real-time network status overview, and a comprehensive play-list scheduler to strategically display your digital media. AIS' networked signage players combined with our bundled software, provide a complete turnkey solution and reduces your time to market...

Scala InfoChannel 5 release 3

Scala launched yesterday the new version of InfoChannel 5 release 3 at Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, NV. New features in this release include: - InfoChannel now has a new high-performance video-playback engine that provides faster videos playback, including 60fps video, and HD video on suitable hardware - InfoChannel now supports playback of H.264 (MPEG-4) video files. H.264 offers high visual quality at a smaller file size than MPEG-2 or WMV files - You can create text in languages such as Arabic, Thai, Hebrew, Hindi, Vietnamese, and other complex writing systems - The new Broadcast Server module for InfoChannel Content Manager allows you to distribute content and plans to players using a multicast or package delivery network Support for playing and controlling external audio sources from the "Line Input" of a sound card

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I got a sneak peak at Scala’s new Release 6, of Scala 5, in Philadelphia yesterday, at Scala’s “Connected Signage” conference, from both Jeff Porter, and Scala CEO Gerard Bucas. It may sound confusing, but Scala 5 is the company’s flagship enterprise CMS for digital signage. And this latest release, Release 6, seems

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Scala has announced a new installation for Ad Manager and Scala 5 with Newad, Canada’s leading indoor advertising network. Scala Ad Manager will manage more than 20,000 digital and classic Newad boards in more than 2,500 establishments across Canada. The network delivers an impressive 36.5 million impressions per week

iCAT3 Online Content Management Software

When working with advertisements or displays, both small and large DOOH (digital-out-of home) company projects will require a digital signage player that has a user friendly interface, especially if it is a network player rather than a standalone looping player. Caltron’s MP-1080N uses an all-online content management software system to manage the player’s scheduling and playlist of all content for display. The iCAT3 online content management software was designed to manage Caltron’s MP-1080N easily and accurately.