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AIS Releases a 10-inch Wireless Smart Digital Signage Display Supporting Scala Networks and Content Management Software

  • American Industrial Systems releases a new RISC based 10.1-inch Smart Digital Signboard featuring SMIL Open Standard Architecture support and is also Scala Enabled Photo Frame Edition, supporting Scala Networks and Content Management Software. AIS digital signboards deliver DVD quality signage content in a compact frame you can place anywhere. The compact unit integrates the media player, high brightness display, expandable local storage, and wireless network into a compact sleek housing.
  • The AIS 10.1-inch Digital Signage System supports Scala Content Manager 5 (Release 5 or higher) networking features such as smart playlists and conditional playback (Scala Script is NOT supported). Extend your Scala Network by adding the Scala-enabled Photo Frame Edition SDS-101 Display into your digital signage locations. A combination of digital signage networks consisting of Scala PC players and AIS’ dedicated high definition and standard definition media player appliances can coexist to form a complete ecosystem of Scala-managed signage displays that can be deployed to suit your project needs. AIS’ Scala Enabled digital network players are managed just like PCs on the same Scala network. Heart-beats, play-logs, and content scheduling are handled using the same easy-to-use Scala Content Manager web-based user interface.
  • The plug and play compact design features a high brightness display totally integrated digital signage. Since the power adapter cable is the only physical connection to the player, it’s easy to achieve a clean and professional presentation in tight spaces. The unit features built-in Wi-Fi for easy content management and updating without the need to run cables. If Scala isn’t for you the Digital Signboard supports SMIL Open Standard Architecture which supports POPAI standard media formats, allowing users to custom program their own dynamic digital signage content and layout. The AIS’ Smart Digital Signboard system supporting Scala and XML-based SMIL Open API has opened up the doors and lowered the barrier of entry for Digital Signage with a complete all-in-one digital signage solution.