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A Look Inside NEC’s VUKUNET

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We reported Nov. 12 that on NEC Display Solutions launch a very ambitious new service that includes a digital out-of-home (DOOH) ad distribution platform– one of several recent moves by major players in the larger IT and/or broadcasting world to achieve more critical mass in digital signage–not just in terms of their own market share but more market growth overall.

VUKUNET is NEC’s attempt to create a larger “network or networks”. And according to NEC an important component of their VUKUNET program will be to get systems integrators more involved in capturing some of the “ad revenue” in network deployments that involve paid advertising.

NEC envisions a more integrated market where Ad agencies are more easily able to make “network buys” across multiple platforms of DOOH, and integrators who participate in the program are able to get commissions based on the ad revenue generated in the networks (as opposed to how most integrators now operate, which is to get compensated only on the spec’ing and installation of a digital signage system.)

In a special Webinar December 17th, I will moderate, as NEC’s Greg Patrick will examine both the technical and marketing engines behind the innovative new offering for the digital signage and DOOH industries–VUKUNET.

Join Digital Signage magazine on December 17th at 4:00 PM EST for this FREE, live, interactive Web Seminar, sponsored by NEC, to explore this new tool for connecting all digital signage networks, with the ability to provide the largest single reach in the industry– while bringing systems integrators more deeply into the content revenue side.

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