Visualization Blades for Digital Signage

Designed for intensive graphics environments, Cubix’s new Visualization Blade (VB) architecture uniquely solves the noise, heat, and hardware service problems typically found in digital signage projects. Visualization Blades (VBs) deliver high video performance over distance. This technology allows users to relocate Digital Signage players and content managers away from the signage without losing any graphics or PC performance. Plus you eliminate the noise and heat issues of placing computers near displays. Even better, the players are remotely managed and the technology is less costly than using VGA extenders.

A VB consists of a 3D graphics-engine (LaserCube) and a powerful blade computing-engine (LaserBlade) separated over distance (up to 1000s of feet):
LaserCubes containing high resolution PCIe graphics adapter(s), USB 2.0 ports and sound are placed near the advertising displays. The only devices near the displays are the graphics engines.

LaserBlades that are rack mounted far from the displays contain Intel Core 2 Duo/Quad processors, hard drive(s), network connections and memory that run the digital signage application programs. Players can now have as much processing horsepower, memory and storage as needed. Connecting the two is fiber optic cabling.

Each player can support up to 1- 8 displays with eye-popping video.
Downtime produces huge loses in ad revenue. With LaserBlades nested in a rack far from the displays, a hardware problem can be remedied within seconds by moving a single cable from the failed player to a spare player. This service can be performed without having to be anywhere near the display (and customers).

Silent LaserCubes only contain graphics / sound adapters.

To drive powerful digital signage application loads, LaserBlade players can scale to the fastest processor, largest hard drive, and largest amount of RAM with no detrimental effect on the display environment. That’s because they are nowhere near the displays.

Each LaserCube can be configured to drive multiple signage displays, either as a single video wall or as multiple windows and panels.

Cubix’s Visualization Blades make it possible to re-think the solution and to re-invent the design to better the advertising viewers’ experiences.

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