FogScreen Announces Gold Partner Program for Walk-Through Projection Screen

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--FogScreen are proud to announce the launch of their new Gold Partner Program. From now until the end of 2008, FogScreen will be offering two of their one-meter One screens to prospective Gold partners at a significant discount. The two One screens will be available at the same price as a single two-meter FogScreen Inia projection screen.

FogScreen technology has established itself over the past four years as a reliable and industry-tested effect/media platform. In the time span of one year, the rental network has grown to over 14 established companies who have worked hard to expand the market for FogScreen projection screen, and all received record-breaking paybacks on their investment.

"This is a great opportunity and a fantastic time for any potential FogScreen partners to join our Gold Partner Program," said Jorden Woods, president of U.S. Operations at FogScreen. "Our resellers and dealers have greatly benefited in the past from having the FogScreen Inia projection screen in their inventory. The opportunity and advantages of purchasing two of the new One screens at this reduced rate will deliver a world of limitless possibilities and increased revenue for anyone who jumps on board right now."

The two One screens additionally provide the option of seamlessly linking together to create a fog-canvas twice the size with double the visual appeal. FogScreen is working closely with all its resellers and dealers to provide added benefits and features, including significant discounts, website promotion, product access and technical support. In addition to receiving two Ones at the new reduced price, all new Gold Partners will also receive free flight cases for their FogScreen projection screens.