Shure UHF-R wireless tames Super Bowl XLI

  • MIAMI GARDENS, FL--The Cirque du Soleil took the field by storm during Super Bowl XLI's pregame festivities, riveting those in attendance as well as an estimated 141 million viewers tuned to CBS with a show of music, dance, gymnastics, and circus acts accented by the visual art of Miami artist Romero Britto. Behind-the-scenes at Dolphin Stadium, Professional Wireless Systems founder James Stoffo returned for his 11th Super Sunday to choreograph a RF blueprint using 14 channels of Shure UHF-R wireless as well as a supporting cast of PSM 700 in-ear monitoring systems.
  • Faced with over 1500 competing wireless devices on the field, Stoffo relied upon helical antennas to help cut through the clutter. Beyond the buzzing hive of potential interference coming from within Dolphin Stadium, external threats to his plan loomed large in the form of local high-powered digital and analog television transmitters.
  • Stoffo found Shure's UHF-R wireless advantageous for the assignment for a number of reasons. "I absolutely needed its 60 MHz bandwidth potential to pull and pick my frequencies from," he contends. "With back-to-back DTV signals bombarding the stadium, as much as 30 MHz of the spectrum was unusable at any given moment. With UHF-R, I always had 30 MHz of clean space to hop to." For more information visit
  • @cap: Billy Joel sang the national anthem at Super Bowl XLI using a hardwired SM58 microphone from Shure.

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