NextWindow Touchscreens Integral To Mandalay Bay -

NextWindow Touchscreens Integral To Mandalay Bay

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CHICAGO, IL-When Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino recently decided to incorporate an interactive digital signage network to help guests learn more about events and services offered within the resort, NextWindow's optical touch technology overlays were critical to the interactive digital signage solution provided by Jupiterbay.

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The interactive digital signage network at Mandalay Bay is part of a turnkey interactive digital signage system which utilizes NextWindow's optical touch technology.
"This is exactly the kind of network that will illustrate for businesses and end-users alike the benefits of interactive digital signage, and we're pleased to have NextWindow's optical touchscreen technology be part of such a successful installation," said Anthony Uhrick, NextWindow's VP of sales and marketing, North America.

The 25-unit, 40-inch display network is believed to be the largest single-site installation of interactive large format LCDs in the country, and operates as a "Virtual Concierge" for guests to locate dining, entertainment, amenities, and way-finding within Mandalay Bay. Usage reports indicated that the initial installation was so successful that Mandalay Bay increased the number of original units, and one of the displays is experiencing more than 4,000 unique customer interactions per week.

The interactive digital signage network is part of a turnkey interactive digital signage system, which utilizes Kortek LCD monitors with an embedded PC, and NextWindow's optical touch technology. The all-in-one system allows the end-user to be completely interactive with the onscreen information, which provides dynamic content through Flash, videos, pictures, and other custom applications.


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