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Digital Signage Categories – InfoComm Awards

David Keene– Rental & Staging magazine– one of our sister magazines (to Digital Signage magazine), is conducting the InfoComm/Rental & Staging New Product Awards. What does rental & staging have to do with digital signage? Well, more than you might think. "Rental & Staging" is about live events, primarily corporate events (meetings, trade shows, conventions, keynotes, etc). And many of those kinds of events have a digital signage component now. So if you're involved in this market, check out the Awards competition.

This year we received a great batch of entries for the InfoComm/Rental & Staging Systems New Product Awards. The entries represent new products introduced to the market in 2011. The winners will be awarded at the InfoComm show in June– but not before you vote on your choices.

First, go online to see a Slide Show of the entries, here:

Click here to view Product Slideshow

Then, after you've seen the product descriptions and photos of the entries in the slide show, click here to vote for the best product in each of the categories:

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