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Black Box Introduces Wireless Collaboration System for Conference Rooms, Classrooms

The What: Black Box has introduced Coalesce, a new wireless BYOD collaboration system.

The What Else: Coalesce enables real-time wireless collaboration with an unlimited number of users and unlimited content sharing. Users can connect from any device (PC, Mac, iOS, and Android mobile devices) and share any kind of content (desktop, docs, images, videos, and apps). Coalesce supports both wired and wireless connectivity. It can act as an access point and can also be operated in dual-network mode. This allows corporate users to connect to Coalesce through the corporate network and guest users to connect wirelessly to Coalesce. Users on both networks can share their content and collaborate with each other without compromising network security.

The Bottom Line: Coalesce also provides multiple collaboration modes: open (users can freely share content to the display), screen key (requires line of sight to share), password, and moderated (moderator can approve or reject items particularly important in education settings). As companies add more Coalesce units, they can configure and manage all of them from a centralized location using the enterprise management application Coalesce Central. The Coalesce also features touch interactivity, 4K UHD support, and local screen viewing. Coalesce is available immediately for purchase.

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