Insight Media Autostereoscopic 3D Digital Signage Report

Insight Media has released its latest report titled: 2011 Autostereoscopic 3D Digital Signage Report. It is an evaluation of glasses-free autostereoscopic 3D display technology, solutions and opportunities in digital signage.

The ability to capture someone's attention with an image that literally pops off the screen is very compelling -- especially for advertisers, which is why there is interest in this technology. But many in the industry want to understand the state of development. This report addresses that need.

"The objective of the report was to try to answer as many questions as we could think of about this industry from multiple points of view," noted Chris Chinnock, President of Insight Media. "What do AS-3D display makers, system integrators, content creators, advertisers or network operators want to know? This approach led us to structure the report in such a way as to address these needs."

Dale Maunu, Lead Analyst on the report noted, "AS-3D solutions can be very compelling if the content is well created, matched to the AS-3D display and placed to maximize effect, but it can also be done poorly, which means you need to work with experienced suppliers. The market is small today, but advancements are coming quickly from many directions that could change the dynamics of this market rather quickly. As awareness of 3D grows, customers will begin to ask about this, so you should be prepared."

Major sections of the report analyze and discuss:
• AS-3D Display Technology -- basics of operation, pros and cons and advancements in development
• Multi-view AS-3D Content Creation -- The cause of headaches and nausea, rules for good 3D content creation, methods for stereoscopic and multi-view autostereoscopic content creation, choices and trade-offs.
• System Integration -- Building blocks of an AS-3D digital signal solution, Content Management Systems, playback devices and file formats for AS-3D, distribution requirements of AS-3D content, physical placement of the sign.
• Case Studies -- Three case studies are included to bring home this learning.
• AS-3D Market Opportunity -- Differences between 2D and 3D digital signage, business models and value propositions, addressing the market and assessing the market via our proprietary "Meets Expectations" analysis to help understand how solutions meet the needs of end users.
• Venue Analysis -- Apply "Meets Expectations" analysis to 16 different venues:
Cinema Lobbies
Corporate Lobbies
Gas Stations and Convenience Stores
Higher Education
Professional Offices
Rental and Staging
Retail -- Auto Dealers
Retail -- Electronics
Retail -- Kiosk
Retail -- Other
Shopping Malls
Sports Venues
Theme Parks

• Forecast Analysis -- Establish the total available market in these venues, evaluate 2D signage penetration to guide development of AS-3D penetration rates. Develop Expected, Conservative and Optimistic forecasts.

The report is available immediately as a PDF file under a site license agreement for $1,997.

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