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AMX Appoints Exec To Key Role

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Richardson, TX-While the electronic systems industry continues to garner perspective on service and the quickening pace of technological change from its big brothers in the IT and telecommunications worlds, a little bit of that world is migrating from what might be described as the major leagues to the more intimate confines of the dealer-based systems integration market. More IT specialists are seeing the potential in the audiovisual market, and manufacturers certainly can't ignore the role that silicon and networks have to play in product development.

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AMX recently appointed Harold Hickey, an executive with experience guiding the enterprising operations of the telecommunications industry, as vice president of operations.
Case in point, AMX recently appointed Harold Hickey, an executive with experience guiding the enterprising operations of the telecommunications industry, as vice president of operations. Replacing Carl Evans, who stepped down from the position of vice president of operations on May 1, Hickey now reports to AMX president and CEO, Rashid Skaf, and is also a member of the company's executive management team.

Prior to taking on this new role, Hickey held several senior-level positions with Samsung Telecommunications America and Motorola and is well schooled in the ways of domestic and international business operations, profit and loss management, customer service, sales and marketing. Describing himself as a bit of a "gadget guy," Hickey anticipated that his transition from the massive telecommunications market to the more modest world of low-voltage systems control technology would be an entertaining one. "To me, it's the same type of passion, just with a different product line," he said. "And with a company that has a tremendous amount of vision and does play in a smaller market, it makes it extra fun. They're going to grow in very strategic ways, and I'm thrilled to be a part of that."

Managing that growth will be Hickey's main focus at AMX, and his work will start with team building. "It all starts with the people, continuing to bring in great people, because they're the ones that get it done," he said.

On the supply chain and distribution side of his job, Hickey's varied responsibilities include managing manufacturing, distribution, worldwide customer support and the company's inventory to ensure its product supply effectively meets customer demand. "The thrill to me in the operational role, and especially at AMX, is that they give you the bandwidth to get the job done-they back you in what you need to do," Hickey observed. "The scope of this role is international, and that is hopefully one of the reasons that they brought me on-to take a look at what our best economies of scale are in the distribution of our products."


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