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BroadSign Suite 6.0

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BroadSign International has announced the release of the BroadSign Suite 6.0, an advanced enterprise-scale software platform for digital signage networks. The Software as a Service (SaaS) offering is licensed on a monthly subscription basis and allows digital signage networks and their operators a way to manage even the largest networks for both maximum ad revenue and efficiency. All of BroadSign's existing customer networks will be remotely upgraded at no additional cost.

BroadSign’s hosted software is used by digital signage networks that service stores, restaurants, malls and transportation hubs around the world. The BroadSign Suite resolves the key challenges facing operators of digital signage networks: the need for full campaign execution functionality, accountability and scalability.

BroadSign's software enables network operators to efficiently realize the narrowcasting benefits of digital signage networks by automating the playlist compilation process through a dynamic programmable loop. The BroadSign Suite automatically manages the playlists for each screen as soon as a traffic manager enters in the parameters for a new campaign.
"The benefit of digital signage is supposed to be in its ability to narrowcast, or play different content to different audiences within a network of screens," observed BroadSign President and CEO Rick Engels. "However, this means multiple ad versions for every campaign and the need to do fine targeting. We're able to automate much of this work, and that means there's almost no limit to the size of networks we can serve."

The process of scheduling, monitoring and reporting on media campaigns has been further enhanced and automated in the new BroadSign Suite version. In addition, the simplified user interface and up-to-the-minute reporting allows users to easily verify content files and see the latest updates to campaigns and playlists in real time.

“The release of 6.0 continues BroadSign’s market leading technology position by delivering the most powerful, reliable and cost effective digital signage platform. This new version not only adds critical new features such as improved remote management, but the user interface has made managing our complex networks much simpler,” said Christian Vaglio-Giors, managing director of Neo Advertising, a network operator.

"BroadSign Suite 6.0 aligns with our goal to help customers get the right message to the right place at the right time, verifiably," said Engels, president and CEO of BroadSign International. "We're filling in the critical piece that will move digital signage from a growing but small industry to one that becomes a must-have part of any significant media buy. That's going to be great news for our customers."

BroadSign's software is specifically designed to meet the latest demands of the advertising community. Ad buyers are able to target specific regions, times or demographics and match them with promotional and merchandising activity. BroadSign’s audit-ready proof-of-play reports enable marketers to see how their in-store advertising affects product sales by correlating campaign playback information with point-of-sale data.


Broadsign and Intel AIM Suite

Following a series of pilots, Broadsign has integrated its proof-of-play reports with Intel AIM Suite, an anonymous video analytics technology, to offer a comprehensive measurable signage solution. The integration means that, from now on, digital signage networks using BroadSign and Intel AIM Suite will offer their ad

BroadSign Releases Suite 6.1 SaaS Solution

BroadSign International, Inc. – a leading worldwide provider of ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) solutions for managing digital signage networks – has released the next version of the acclaimed BroadSign Suite, designed to further facilitate buying screen time on digital signage networks. The application also offers more flexibility in creating content playback schedules. Using BroadSign Suite 6.1, network operators can satisfy the most demanding advertisers by generating media buyer-friendly documents such as insertion orders, campaign progress reports and affidavits. BroadSign Suite 6.1 includes a range of new features requested by client networks, as well as other enhancements dictated by the fast-paced evolution of the digital out-of-home market.

Broadsign and DPN

BroadSign announced August 21st that Massachusetts-based Digital Promo Network (DPN) will use the BroadSign Suite to deploy a digital signage network in 500 convenience stores by the end of 2007, with plans to expand the network to 2,000 stores over the next 18 months. BroadSign provides hosted software for powering digital signage networks in stores, restaurants, malls and transportation hubs around the world. BroadSign's digital signage network software will allow DPN's advertisers to buy and schedule in-store video spots in a targeted and efficient manner and manage networked content from one central location. Each convenience store location will have up to two screens that will play ads promoting the products sold in-store as well as other relevant information and entertainment content. The full-color digital displays, managed by BroadSign software, will allow the stores to capture the attention of customers, increasing the performance of its point-of-purchas

Broadsign Expands

BroadSign International has announced it is expanding its global presence beyond its current base in North America and Europe into Asia, specifically targeting India and China. A recent customer win in India is launching BroadSign’s presence in the region, after beating out more than 20 other competing vendors to provide the software that will drive a retail digital signage network encompassing more than 300 stores, with plans by the retailer for thousands of stores in the future. BroadSign’s software, delivered via a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, powers digital signage networks in stores, restaurants, malls and transportation hubs around the world. The company expects its experience working with both network operators and retailers to be beneficial in India and China, where retailers are often building and operating the networks themselves. In addition, BroadSign’s focus on scalable software that remains affordable to manage even as the number of

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Broadsign International, provider of digital signage software, and rVue, Inc. a subsidiary of rVue Holdings, announced today that the Open API integration between the two platforms has been completed. BroadSign carried out the initial phase of integration with rVue last year, becoming the first digital signage softwa

BroadSign Acquires Navori

BroadSign International, Inc. (BroadSign), provider of hosted software for managing digital signage networks, announced Feb. 5th that it has entered into an agreement to acquire privately-held Navori International S.A. (Navori). The Switzerland-based company provides software solutions for closed digital signage networks. Financial terms of the agreement have not been disclosed. This acquisition reinforces BroadSign’s leadership as the premier software provider in the digital signage industry and expands the company’s presence in the European and Pacific Rim markets with a centrally located facility for sales, support and services staff. It also builds on the company’s leadership position in the expected industry consolidation and adds to BroadSign’s market share and vertical penetration...

Arbitron, Broadsign Proof of Play

BroadSign International Inc., provider of hosted software for managing digital signage networks, has announced that Arbitron, Inc. (NYSE: ARB) has launched a series of tests aimed at enabling third-party audits of BroadSign’s proof of play reports, using Arbitron’s PPM technology. The goal of the first test, conducted in December 2007, was to verify whether the PPM devices could accurately detect Arbitron’s inaudible code embedded in the loop of media files played on screens in a real store environment. The test was carried out in two convenience stores in Vermont. Both stores are part of the digital signage network operated by Digital Promo Network with the help of BroadSign’s hosted software solution BroadSign Suite. According to Arbitron...

Broadsign European Office

BroadSign International has established a new office in Europe. The new office is located in Vienna and will provide assistance to the growing number of BroadPartners, BroadSign-certified digital signage network operators/distributors of BroadSign(tm) Suite for operating digital signage networks.