Align and Blend Content with New Christie AutoStack Custom-Designed Solutions

New camera-based software from Christie automatically aligns content from multiple Christie Twist-enabled 3DLP projectors in under two minutes per projector.

  • The Christie AutoStack systems auto-calibrate, warp and blend Christie Twist-enabled 3DLP projectors with unsurpassed accuracy, in under two minutes per projector—far quicker than traditional methods, which can take hours, according to the company. Unlike similar systems, Christie AutoStack and AutoStack Premium are integrated, custom-designed solutions that include software, camera, and lens.

Christie AutoStack supports up to a two-by-three blended array of projectors that can be stacked for a total of 12 projectors. AutoStack Premium works on even larger screens, as long as the selected camera and lens combination "see" the entire projected area. They both support a variety of cameras and lens options, which are pre-calibrated as a pair to ensure maximum results.

With its unsurpassed accuracy and speed, Christie AutoStack is the perfect solution for flat screens, while Christie AutoStack Premium can be used with a wide variety of flat, curved/cylindrical, and portrait-display screens. Both AutoStack and AutoStack Premium are ideal for large classrooms, boardrooms, houses of worship, museums, government, and entertainment where multiple projectors may need blending and warping.

Christie AutoStack and Christie AutoStack Premium work in conjunction with Christie Twist, and support all M Series, J Series, Boxer, D4K, and Roadie 4K 3DLP projectors.

"The need to warp and blend multiple projectors continues to grow, and we have made it easier by offering support for four camera and lens options for the AutoStack product family," said Joel St-Denis, product manager at Christie.

"AutoStack Premium really opens up a lot of new opportunities for auto alignment by offering portrait and curved display support, as well as removing the 12 projector limitation of AutoStack. There is no better value in a single camera-based system on the market."

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