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Product Spotlight: October 2010

Product Spotlight: October 2010

Yamaha StageMix

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems’ StageMix Apple iPad app allows remote control of M7CL mix functions via an intuitive graphic interface from anywhere within wireless range. The application enables the engineer to set up monitor mixes from a performer’s position on stage directly controlling mix parameters via the iPad. To run StageMix on an iPad, a wireless connection from the iPad to a WiFi access point and an ethernet connection from the WiFi access point to M7CLv3 is required.

Crestron Mobile Pro G

The Crestron Mobile Pro G iPad app comes preloaded with a standard graphic template, and supports user-defined interfaces as well. Just like the other Crestron apps, Mobile Pro G provides direct communication to the control system without any third-party software or external servers. Updates and changes to the control program are automatically sent to the iPad when the Crestron app is launched. Using a WiFi network locally or the powerful 3G and EDGE networks remotely, total control is always at users’ fingertips.

Lectrosonics iPad Developer’s Kit

Lectrosonics offers a developer’s kit for the Apple iPad to be used as a control interface for its Aspen Series of DSP matrix mixing processors. The kit features a library of faders, knobs, meters, and other on-screen objects used for the creation of custom interface designs using Command Fusion’s iViewer software. Aspen users with a customdesigned interface on the iPad can update any system parameter wirelessly using the touch screen while receiving real-time feedback as to the system’s status. The iPad developer’s kit includes sample configurations and tutorial videos.

BitWise Touch App

BitWise’s Touch App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch utilizes Project Editor Software and the BC4X1 Pro Automation Controller to offer a complete solution to control audio/video equipment. Screen sizes can be formed to fit the iPad without “stetching.” Once the GUI is complete, users simply click the upload command and open the app on the device they want to use.

Lutron Home Application

The Lutron Home Application provides control of lights and shades, including the new RadioRA 2 total light control system, via an Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. The app provides control over a WiFi network and requires RadioRA 2 Software version 3.1.14 or higher.

Extron iGVE

Extron’s iGVE remote resource management App for Apple iPhone and iTouch, used in conjunction with Extron GlobalViewer Enterprise, provides all the most common GVE monitoring, control, and helpdesk functions. Users will recognize the familiar GVE Tree navigation as well as the other common GVE features, including real-time room, controller, and device status; and GVE Room controls and Event Alert notifications.

AMX iPad Solution

AMX currently supports integration with Apple, Blackberry, Android-based, and Windows-based technologies. Existing AMX tools for the iPod/iPhone will work on the iPad. AMX currently offers integration technology that communicates both directions, Apple to AMX and AMX to Apple. Two applications are offered, one pre-designed and one customizable interface for using products like the Apple iPad to control an AMX system. Similarly, AMX offers applications that allow AMX technology to control music or video on Apple devices like the iPod and Apple TV.

RTI RTiPanel

Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) brings its control solutions to the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with the RTi- Panel app. Users can have complete control of RTI’s XP series of remote processors and all connected electronic systems. For intuitive operation, the GUI is completely customizable to any system via RTI’s Integration Designer software.

AKG iPhone App

With the introduction of its new iPhone application, AKG has brought users a new tool to browse, monitor, and control their wireless microphone and IEM systems. Available free in the iTunes store, the app streamlines the workflow for wireless microphone monitoring and configuration by linking Harman’s HiQnet protocol to the iPhone and iPod Touch app via WiFi network. It can be used to monitor wireless system parameters and radio frequency connections on stage for the DMS 700, the WMS 4000/4500, and the IVM 4 in-ear monitoring system.

Broadcast Pix iPixPanel

Broadcast Pix’s iPixPanel allows an Apple iPad to control any of its video production systems. The iPixPanel app recreates an entire Broadcast Pix control panel on the iPad. There are controls to preview cameras, add graphics, and take the compositions to air. It can create high-end effects like picture-inpicture boxes of three people for an interview show. Plus it can add clips and logos to the production and even control robotic cameras.

Guifx Deana Kit

Guifx’s Deana User Interface (UI) Kit for the iPad is currently compatible with Crestron’s Mobile Pro G iPad application, with other manufacturers to follow. Through Crestron’s Mobile Pro G iPad application, users have complete access to the control interface and their distributed audio, video, climate, lighting, and security systems. The Deana UI for iPad offers a unique control experience with Guifx’s QuicKey navigation system. Navigating away from an AV activity to quickly adjust lights or climate settings becomes a simple, one-touch operation. Non-AV activities open in a modal window that the user can simply close in order to return to the previous screen and back to the automation functions.

Xantech MX88

Xantech Corporation’s MX88 IP-enabled multi-zone audio/video controller was engineered for iPad control along with Xantech keypad and Xantech SmartPanel LCD touchscreen control. Xantech’s iPad integration approach uses an existing WiFi network to interface the MX-series controller to the iPad, serving up a web application embedded in the MX88’s architecture. Full metadata, menu navigation, and content graphics are all transitioned from media source to the iPad.

Allen & Heath iLive Tweak

Allen & Heath’s iLive Tweak iPhone app provides real-time mobile control of the iLive digital mixing range, adding another option to iLive’s array of remote control possibilities, which includes laptops and touch tablets running iLive Editor control software, and the PL Series of controllers. iLive Tweak is compatible with iLive’s latest software release, v1.7, and runs on the iPhone 3, 3G, 3GS and 4, as well as the iPad. Available to download free of charge, iLive Tweak enables users to remotely browse and select channels on iLive MixRack, and adjust levels and mutes, PEQ, GEQ, and delays.

Alcorn McBride LightingPad

Alcorn McBride’s LightingPad app is designed for controlling lighting for small shows or for installing and testing lighting systems. It can also be used to program Alcorn McBride’s LightCuePro. Users may connect any Art-Net-compatible DMX device to a wireless network to create a handheld lighting console. The LightingPad is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

SP Controls Doceri System

SP Controls’ Doceri System is a suite of products including an iPad application that gives the teacher the freedom of managing classroom technology and selecting/annotating AV content, all while facing students and moving freely around the room. Using the iPad, files can be selected from a pulldown menu; media can be activated, paused and reset, online content may be brought up and placed on the room’s projector, and system volume may be controlled.

Sharp XG-P560W And XG-P610X

The Sharp XG-P560W and XG-P610X 3-chip DLP Projectors offer color accuracy levels, image quality, and reliability in front projection. Designed for integrated systems including conference rooms, boardrooms, lecture halls, houses of worship, control rooms, and other large venue installations, the HD compatible wide-XGA native resolution 3-chip XG-P560W projector provides 5,200 lumens brightness, while the XGA native resolution XG-P610X offers 6000 lumens brightness. Combining high brightness and contrast ratio, seven interchangeable lenses, and reliability through a duallamp lighting system, these projectors are designed for facilities that need a powerful display device.

NEC NP2200

NEC’s NP2200 is a professional installation projector with XGA resolution, high brightness of 4,200 lumens, green features like a low 0.4W rating in standby mode by utilizing ECO mode technology to save energy. To provide maximum flexibility for installers, the NP2200 utilizes optional bayonet style lenses for quick and easy exchange. The array of optional lenses supports screens from 40- to 500-inches at distances between 2.8 feet and 304 feet. Vertical and horizontal lens shift allow flexible projector Connectors for VGA, DVI-D with HDCP, 5-BNC, multiple audio in/out and RJ45 network control. In ECO Mode, the NP2200 can achieve up to 3,000 hours of lamp life and decreased fan noise.

Mitsubishi WD8200U

Mitsubishi’s dual-lamp installation WD8200U wide-screen XGA projector uses Texas Instruments’ DLP technology for 24/7 continuous applications. The WD8200U can operate in either single or dual lamp mode for a sharp and bright image up to 5,000 lumens in low mode. With each lamp needing only one hour of shutdown period every week, this feature enables users to configure their lamp settings appropriate for applications that run non-stop 24/7/365 operation or in areas with variable ambient light. The new projectors also offer user-interchangeable color wheels for either brightness-intensive or color-intensive applications. Each unit comes with the high-brightness color wheel with an option to purchase the exchangeable six-segment color wheel that emphasizes richness and depth of colors.

DP HIGHlite 1080p-260 HB

Digital Projection is now shipping the high-performance yet remarkably affordable HIGHlite 1080p-260 HB 3-chip projector. Optimized to produce maximum brightness, the HIGHlite produces up to 3,500 lumens for mid size venues needing as bright a picture as possible, while still retaining the benefits of 3-chip DLP imaging. The compact and ultra quiet HIGHlite Cine display boasts 1080p resolution, integrated electronics and straightforward user interface, rendering them perfect and precise solutions for installations where simplicity and imaging quality are paramount. Connectivity includes two HDMI inputs, as well as RGB via D-15, component, composite, and S-video inputs.

Sanyo PLC-WM5500

Designed for a wide range of environments, including large conference rooms, lecture halls, and digital signage applications, the Sanyo PLC-WM5500 and PLC-WM5500L have a very high brightness of 5,500 ANSI lumens, and the PLC-WM 4500 and PLCWM4500L have brightness of 4,500 ANSI lumens. Each projector features two new modes that enable the simultaneous presentation of two images. All four projectors use Wide XGA panels in 16:10 widescreen aspect ratio, with 1280x800 resolution, allowing for the display of significantly more information than is possible with 4:3 XGA panels and 1024x768 resolution.

Eiki Auditorium-class EIP-HDT30 DLP Projector

Eiki’s second generation Full HD Auditorium- class 1-chip DLP projector has all the features of the current EIP-HDT20. This includes the ability to optimize for high brightness or rich color by changing the supplied dual color wheel sets, and twin light paths which permit alternating between lamps and color wheels for 24/7 operation.

Hitachi CP-SX12000

Delivering power to the high-end professional AV market, Hitachi is introducing the CP-SX12000 3LCD professional series projector. The CP-SX12000 is part of Hitachi’s new professional series, designed for large venue applications such as auditoriums, lecture halls, large houses of worship, and staging productions. The CP-SX12000 offers a brightness of 7,000 ANSI lumens, SXGA+ resolution and five optional lenses for various throw distances.

Barco FLM HD20

The FLM HD20 is a projector ideal for any large venue that requires brightness to show crisp images in a luminous environment. The HD20 is easy to transport, install, and service with removable lamp house, power supply and electronics. A 1080p native HD, 20,000 lumens threechip DLP projector, the HD20 displays high-contrast images, even in venues with high ambient light. Its video processing and picture-in-picture capabilities enable users to render dynamic, interactive presentations without the need for additional peripherals. The HD20 features a sealed optical engine that prevents environmental contaminants from compromising image quality over time, and offers extremely long lamp life and extended lamp warranty.

Christie DHD800 Digital Projector

Christie has added the DHD800 digital projector to its wide-ranging product line-up. Aimed at the professional market, the Christie DHD800 provides 8,000 ANSI lumens and full HD 1920x1080 true native resolution in a 1-chip DLP projector. The Christie DHD800 with BrilliantColor offers 10-bit image processing, interchangeable color wheel, and four-sided edge-blended color matching. The successor to the Christie DHD700 digital projector, the Christie DHD800 is of tremendous value to extended use and 24/7 applications including rental and staging, houses of worship, and medium-to-large meeting, training, and conference rooms needing a cost-effective DLP solution.

Panasonic DZ8700 Series

The DZ8700 Series DLP projectors are designed for large auditoriums and digital signage, offering 9,600-10,600 lumens of brightness with 10,000:1 contrast ratio in a compact footprint. With up to 4,000 hours of lamp life for each lamp, these projectors also have an auto-cleaning filter that is intended to last for 10,000 hours. For those looking to upgrade to the DZ8700 Series DLP projectors from its predecessor the D7700 and DW7000, the migration path is simple.

Sony SRX-T420

Sony’s newest high resolution 4K SXRD projector provides 8.8 million pixels at more than 20,000 lumens. The new SRXT420 projector is designed for largevenue commercial applications such as entertainment, auditorium/lecture hall presentations, virtual reality, simulation, and more. The projector features 4096x2160 resolution and, in addition to its high brightness, delivers an enhanced contrast ratio of 3,000:1. The new projector was built to offer system integrators and AV professionals ease of use and installation flexibility, while reducing maintenance issues. The T420 can be fitted with lenses from other models in the SRX series line, and the SRX-C Windows-based controller software allows control of multiple projectors over an ethernet connection from a single workstation.

Canon LV-7590

Canon announced the high-performance XGA-resolution LV-7590 multimedia projector. Delivering 7,000 lumens of brightness and a contrast ratio of 1800:1, this new projector offers five optional lenses that enable it to be customized to a variety of front or rear projection applications. The LV-7590 Multimedia Projector is intended for installation in large venues such as houses of worship, school auditoriums, showrooms, large conference rooms, art galleries, museums, and small theaters. The LV-7590 Multimedia Projector also employs a color control device, a technology that helps to deliver image clarity and precise color.

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