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AVI-SPL, Projector People Carry BenQ Exclusive

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Irvine, CA--BenQ America Corp. announced that its next-generation LX60ST and LW61ST — the first short-throw education projectors to feature the company’s blue core light engine — are now available in the U.S. exclusively from AVI-SPL and Projector People through the end of April 2012.

“These projectors have short throw lenses on them allowing a 6-foot-wide image from only three feet away which makes them ideal for educational use on white boards, entertainment at home, in a sports bar setting, or for corporate training,” said Rodney Laney, vice president of display technology, AVI-SPL. “They’re perfect for any environment where the presenter needs to be close to the image without creating a shadow that hinders the presentation.”

“We have a great relationship with BenQ and a solid track record with the sales and support of its products over the years. These laser products are the latest in technology and we believe there will be a great demand for them,” said Jennifer Haskins, senior vice president of sales, Projector People. “When we had the opportunity to see these new laser units in action, the exclusive agreement was the result. We have the team that can support the clients so it was a natural fit to partner with BenQ.”

The blue core light engine of the LX60ST and LW61ST utilizes the qualities of a laser light source rather than a traditional mercury lamp to achieve up to 90 percent less light source power consumption, according to BenQ. In addition, BenQ’s blue core light engine-driven SmartEco Advanced technology optimizes the units’ light source systems to deliver exceptional brightness, longer life, and high-energy efficiency.

“BenQ America values the strong partnership we have with both AVI-SPL and Projector People and their ability to successfully market and promote BenQ products. In recognition of this, we are introducing our new, breakthrough blue core projectors to the marketplace with AVI-SPL and Projector People,” said Lars Yoder, president of BenQ America Corp.

The LX60ST and LW61ST projectors offer an average of 20,000 hours of reliable brightness and an ultra-high 80,000:1 contrast ratio for crisp, clear images. The units feature instant on/off to save time on warm up and cool down, in addition to manual brightness level adjustment to accommodate different classroom environments. To generate the best image contrast, the projectors’ “SmartEco Advanced” mode automatically determines the optimal brightness level based on the input source, while a “no source detected” mode automatically lowers brightness to 10 percent when no display has been detected for more than three minutes. With “eco blank” mode, teachers can blank out the LX60ST and LW61ST’s screens when not in use to redirect students’ focus, while lowering light source power consumption to only 10 percent.

AVI-SPL and Projector People are the only two companies currently authorized to sell these products in the United States.


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