Alan Brawn Among Top InfoComm 2015 Award Winners

Alan Brawn Among Top InfoComm 2015 Award Winners

InfoComm has announced the Winners for 2015 InfoComm AV Awards program. AV Award winners are selected by the InfoComm Awards Committee, a group comprised of association volunteers, except for the Volunteer of the Year, which is determined by staff. A celebration of the recipients will take place during InfoComm 2015, on Tuesday, June 16, at 7 p.m.

All of this year’s winners deserve congratulations. We’ll have more coverage on all coming up. But I’ll start with a long-time colleague in this wonderful industry, Alan Brawn, winner of the InfoComm Fred Dixon Service Award in Education.

Alan recently told me that he has trained– over about 35 years– over 40,000 people in this industry (that’s more than the enrollment at a large university!).

A partial list of Alan’s accomplishments (and this does not even include his jobs at top AV industry companies such as Hughes-JVC, Samsung and now– his own Brawn Consulting):

• Taught and continues to teach multiple classes at every InfoComm (all but two for the last 25 years).

• Served on the PETC group for over 10 years

• Chairman of the InfoComm Shootout Executive Manufacturers Committee for 5 years (that one’s for all the Shootout nostalgia buffs out there)

• Introduced the first “electronic cinema” demonstration in the world at InfoComm

• Contributed to the CTS certification program in the display technology section

• Partnered with InfoComm on ISF-C display calibration certification

• Works on InfoComm Standards as an SME

• Moderated the PISCR standards group.

• Is a founding member of the InfoComm Mentor Group

• InfoComm Senior faculty for over 10 years

• Past recipient of InfoComm Volunteer of the Year Award

• Authored both editions of the video chapter of the Sound Engineers Handbook

• Authored over 300 articles on commercial AV over the last 30 years

Here are all the winners:

Fred Dixon Service Award in Education

Alan Brawn, CTS, ISF-C

Brawn Consulting

The overall purpose of the Fred Dixon Service in Education Award is to call out an individual who association members and the industry recognize as worthy of a lifetime achievement award in AV education. It is bestowed upon an individual who exhibits excellence throughout his or her entire body of work and to someone nearing or at the end of his/her educational career. It is not awarded annually; rather it is based on a given year and whether there is an appropriate candidate for such a prestigious award.

Adele De Berri Pioneers of AV Award

Brian Critchley
Founder and Managing Director (retired)
Digital ProjectionThe InfoComm International Adele De Berri Pioneers Award highlights important contributions made by industry individuals to the science of AV. The award calls attention to the AV and information communications industries by recognizing pioneers who made scientific breakthroughs resulting in new AV technologies that impacted the manufacture and sales of novel products enjoyed by audiences worldwide.

CTS Holder of the Year Award

Byron Tarry, CTS LEED AP
Director, Enterprise Solutions
Sharp’s AudiovisualThe InfoComm CTS Holder Award calls attention to the AV industry by recognizing Certified Technology Specialist™ holders (CTS®, CTS-D® and/or CTS-I®) who are achieving rewarding and successful careers in the audiovisual and information communications industries.

Educator of the Year Award

Paul Zielie, Jr., CTS-D, CTS-I
Manager, Enterprise Solutions
Harman/AMXThe InfoComm International Educator of the Year Award highlights important contributions made by an individual to the professional development, education and training of the AV industry. These contributions have impacted audiences worldwide. The Educator of the Year Award is presented annually for outstanding achievement in AV education for that particular year.

Volunteer of the Year

Ron Camden
Vice President of Global Sales
Biamp Systems

Women in AV Award

Heather Callaway, CTS-D, RCDD, LEED AP
SiteReady Design

  • Wendy Cox
  • Director, Product Group Development
  • Milestone AV Technologies

The InfoComm Women in AV Awards call attention to the AV industry by recognizing women who are achieving rewarding and successful careers in the audiovisual and information communications industries.

Young AV Professionals Award

Jeremy Caldera, CTS-D. CTS-I
Lead Audiovisual Design Engineer
Zeller Digital Innovations

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