Optoma 3D-XL

Optoma Technology has introduced the 3D-XL, the first converter box that lets 720p 3D DLP projectors play 1080p 3D Blu-ray disks. As with all single projector 3D systems, active 3D glasses are required. The 3D-XL converts the HDMI 1.4A signal found in 1080p 3D players and down converts it to an HDMI 1.3 signal that current 720p 3D DLP projectors, those that operate at 120 Hz, can understand and display in 3D. .


Sony’s first 3D front projector, the VPLVW90ES utilizes SXRD technology along with a single 1000 ANSI lumens lamp to deliver a 1080p24 picture. The projector’s new 240 Hz frame rate mode handles the 3D images. Sony even included two pairs of the required active-shutter 3D glasses. Designed with the custom and specialty electronics market in mind, the VPL-VW90ES was also engineered to seamlessly integrate third-party control systems.


FOR-A unveiled the HVS-4000HS multi-format video switcher. Available in two M/E or 2.5 M/E models, the latest HANA BI Series switcher features support for HD / SD mixed inputs, as well as optional support for 3 Gbps and stereoscopic 3D production. While the switcher supports 1080i, 720p, NTS C, and PAL signals, its optional 3G-SDI input provides support for 1080p signals.

Gefen ToolBox Splitters

Gefen has announced that two new ToolBox Splitters are shipping with fast switching technology (FST ) and 3DT V enabled. Now sources using HDMI with HDCP will no longer introduce a delay when syncing. Plus HDMI v1.4 features are implemented to support 3DT V. The ToolBox 1:4 and 1:8 Splitters for HDMI distribute any high definition source using HDMI and deliver it to either four or eight HDT V displays at the same time. Both products work with cameras, Blu-ray players and set-top.

SpectraCal 3D VideoEq

AVFoundry and SpectraCal have announced the release of an upgrade that allows its VideoEq processor to massage 3D video. The VideoEq is an external box that allows users to correct the color balance of their video signals. The VideoEq allows the user independent control over all of the color definitions in the video signal. T his capacity is usually called independent six-axis control, because any of the three primary colors or three secondary colors can be adjusted without affecting the other five colors. The VideoEq features a 10-bit RG B color lookup table that can white balance at 1024 points and accurately reproduce any desired gamma value.

Stewart Filmscreen Silver 5D Screen Material

Stewart Filmscreen Corporation’s Silver 5D (3D + 2D) is a fabric that offers passive 3D polarization while maintaining performance for 2D sources. It preserves the performance of Stewart’s Silver 3D fabric while improving uniformity, reducing hot spotting, and offering a wider viewing cone than previously available or competitive fabrics. Available in seamless sizes up to 40 x 90 feet.

Mitsubishi XD600U 3D Projector

The Mitsubishi XD600U is a bright and portable business projector. With a 4500 lumen maximum light output, 2000:1 contrast, and weighing less than eight pounds, it also has a 1.5:1 manual zoom lens and a mild upward throw angle, making it very easy to use in a conference room or in a ceiling mount. The XD600U is 3D enabled, using DLP’s new implementation of 3D technology.

Crestron DigitalMedia

Crestron has announced that the DigitalMedia product line delivers 3D. Other manufacturers require additional video processing and hardware to support 3D; not so with DM . With DM , it’s seamless. A free, simple update is available for download from the Crestron website. For the ultimate in flexibility, DM also supports 3D-to-2D scaling.

Vanco 3D Ready HDMI Cables

The Vanco 3D-ready HDMI cables feature a 100 Mb/s Ethernet connection between two HDMI devices. Its swivel 180 degree design is ideal for flat panel HDT V’s and other hook-ups where space is limited. It is a flexible flat HDMI cable that supports audio return channel functionality, allows 3D over HDMI when connected to 3D Devices, and supports 4K x 2K and 1080p video resolutions. Its data speed transfer exceeds 10.2 Gbps.

TV One CORIO 3D Processing

TV One is expanding its portfolio to introduce a whole new range of products capable of 3D signal processing using its CORI O Technology. Because TV One’s CORI O technology is so versatile, both the industry and the home 3D standards, which differ in their signal formats, can be supported using the same processing engine, keeping development and subsequent product costs for the end user to a minimum. There is also a large range of possible 3D processing features, including independent scaling of 3D resolutions, transcoding between the various types of 3D resolutions for alternative transmission methods, production of 3D images of live video using standard camera sources, and insertion of picture-in-picture windows of 2D images so that they appear floating in front of a background 3D video.

Sharp XV-Z17000

Sharp has introduced its first 3D ready high-definition DLP theater projector. Delivering 3D visual experiences, the XV-Z17000 has a full-HD panel with a 30,000:1 contrast ratio. The model is 3D-projection compatible via IR Link and DLP Link, and is sold with two pairs of 3D active shutter glasses for added value and convenience. The XV-Z17000 features DLP technology for color accuracy, creating truer colors. The XV-Z17000 offers connectivity with two HDMI inputs as well as computer/ component, component, S-video, and video inputs.

Vizio XVT Series

Vizio’s XVT3SV Series is adding 3D technology to its line. The 3D launch features three Full HD 3D XVT Series TVs with Vizio Internet Apps (VIA ) available in 42-, 47-, and 55-inch screen sizes. Its latest XVT series of HDT Vs now adds advanced technologies such as Full HD 3D, high speed HDMI inputs, SRS TruSurround HD , and 480 Hz SPS to its picture quality.

Christie Mirage Series

Christie’s Mirage Series 3D DLP projector line has expanded with the addition of six models to bring high performance 3D solutions to new markets. The new Christie Mirage M Series 3-chip DLP projectors offer complete compatibility with today’s 3D standards to support growing demands for 3D displays. The six models feature a new dualinput image processor and a wide range of input options to integrate with any 3D signal and format. For 3D entertainment requirements, the Christie Mirage M Series is ready for Blu-ray 3D video, PS3, and other gaming consoles, and meets the 3D spec for HDMI v1.4a.

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