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Danley OS80 Weatherized Outdoor Loudspeaker

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Danley Sound Labs brings its Synergy Horn technology to the great outdoors with the Danley OS80.

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Like its Synergy Horn siblings, the OS80 delivers tremendous output, both in terms of sound pressure level and transparency, as well as precise pattern control. Unlike its Synergy Horn siblings, however, the OS80 is housed in an enclosure that is utterly impervious to weather, making it the ideal loudspeaker for outdoor installations at sports venues, arenas, athletic fields and complexes, theme and recreational parks, public gatherings, race tracks, community centers, cruise ships, hockey rinks, water parks, swimming areas, and more.

The Danley OS80’s coverage pattern is 80 degrees conical with an operating frequency range that spans 113Hz to 18kHz (+/- 3dB). It has 101dB SPL sensitivity and a maximum output that rates 127dB SPL continuous and 133dB SPL program. A single high-performance 12-inch driver and a single 1.4-inch driver energize the Synergy Horn and are hidden away inside a thermal molded poly-composite exterior measuring 32.25 inches high by 26 inches wide by 14.5 inches deep. Total weight is 51 pounds, and a U bracket is included as are other flexible mounting options which allow the Danley OS80 to make itself at home in any circumstance.


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