Extron Releases Design Guides

Extron Releases Design Guides

Anaheim, CA--Extron Electronics has announced the availability of its Design Guides, in-depth technical resources for system designers and integrators.

Design Guides offer an educational overview of key technologies used within AV systems, along with best practices for successful deployment. Each Guide also includes sample system designs from common AV environments, equipment requirements, and detailed signal flow information. Also included are condensed catalogs of Extron products relevant to each of these technologies, as well as a glossary of key terms.

"AV professionals are looking to product manufacturers for information; not only about their products but also the technology behind the devices," said Casey Hall, vice president of sales and marketing at Extron. "Extron Design Guides explain key AV technologies with an emphasis on system integration, helping system designers and integrators better understand and utilize new and existing technologies."

Currently available Design Guides include:

Control Systems Design Guide: offers a systematic review of the methodologies for AV control system design, best practices, and the technologies involved.

Streaming AV Over IP Design Guide - 2nd Edition: an educational resource aimed at familiarizing AV professionals with the technologies, challenges, and potential applications of AV over IP streaming.

Digital Design Guide - 2nd Edition: addresses the transition from analog to digital while providing an understanding of emerging technologies and available options, with a practical approach to integration in new and legacy presentation systems.

Fiber Optic Design Guide: provides a basic understanding of the technology combined with a practical "how-to" approach for designing fiber optic AV systems.

SDI & HD-SDI Design Guide: provides a reference for system designers and integrators seeking to understand SDI standards and practical methods.

The Extron Guide to Graphical User Interface Design: a resource for AV professionals faced with designing useable, intuitive touchpanels, including those in the Extron TouchLink family.

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