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DPI 20K 40HD-T

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Digital Projection International announced at InfoComm the introduction of the newest and brightest projector in its large venue Professional Series, the LIGHTNING 40HD-T.

Featuring 22,000 center lumens and 21,000 ANSI lumens, the 2K resolution 40HD-T is identical in size, weight and functional capability to the LIGHTNING Pro 35HD, which is already in widespread use throughout the worldwide staging industry and in major venues around the globe. The increase in ANSI lumens, from 16,000 for the LIGHTNING 35HD, to 21,000 for the 40HD-T, is derived from major advances in the illumination systems and technologies that DP employs within the LIGHTNING 40HD-T.

Employing the same LIGHTNING Pro chassis with just a 20% increase in lamp power, also assures other lamp wattage-related benefits of the LIGHTNING Pro series platform are preserved, including:

  • Total chassis power consumption remains less than 4.5KW, which allows the 40HD-T to be operated from single-phase 208V power, readily available in any venue.
  • Thermal dissipation is a class-leading 15,345 BTU/hr, reducing the requirement for additional cooling or exhaust chimneys.
  • Operating noise remains at a remarkable 59dB, less than one eighth the sound level of some competitive projectors capable of producing more than 20,000 lumens.
  • Lamp life remains consistent, and lamp warranty intact, regardless of which LIGHTNING Pro series products the lamp module is employed in.
  • General power supplies, mains filters and most electronic components are similar and backwards compatible between the L40HD-T and L35HD, simplifying communication, control and trouble-shooting when a fleet is comprised of both models.

Other key features of the 40HD-T, and of all current LIGHTNING Pro series projectors include:

  • Class leading contrast ratios from 1600-2000:1
  • DPs exclusive Hyper-Cooled lamp module, which extends lamp and reflector life and improves lumen maintenance. This exclusive module includes a self-powered digital lamp hour meter, assuring absolute certainty of actual lamp run time.
  • Twin dual DVI connectivity, supports 10 bits per channel color depth and true active 3D capability up to 120 frames per second.
  • DPs integrated Pro-Series rigging frame, with pitch and roll adjustments and pin-locking stacking points, simplifies and expedites on-site rigging and stacking alignment.
  • The most accurate programmable lens mount in the industry, providing pixel landing accuracy, enables the LIGHTNING 30 series to automatically transition between sources and screens of different aspect ratios, or different sizes, within the same show.
  • System control via web browser, LAN, wireless LAN, or via the rear mounted touch screen.
  • DPs intuitive ShowMode diagnostics provide the operator with all vital data relating to the projectors operating status.
  • Sealed Optics at the DMD interface vastly reduce prism contamination in hostile operating venues.

DPs DigiLink provides a single-wire, ultra-high bandwidth all digital connection to sources and external electronics. When paired with DPs fiber-optic DigiLink cables, users are assured of the highest quality imagery over long cable runs, with absolutely no signal loss, hum or extraneous noise.

Digital Projection is currently accepting orders for the 21,000 ANSI lumen LIGHTNING 40HD-T. Shipments of first units will commence in Q3 2006.

For information: www.digitalprojection.com


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