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22 Miles Reviews Digital Wayfinding in Healthcare

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Digital signage software and solutions provider 22 Miles has released its latest whitepaper titled "The Real Cost of Lost Patients: How digital wayfinding saves time, money and frustration."

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"When a colleague and I were showing showing our Waytouch Premier to a children's hospital, their main concern when implementing interactive wayfinding was engagement and ROI,” said Kathy Isaacs, account manager at 22 Miles. “We realized that a whitepaper would address their needs. With some of our wayfinding consulting partners, and using analytics built into our software, we were able to produce a concise data driven perspective.”

To download the whitepaper and learn more about the ROI of wayfinding in medical centers, visit http://www.22miles.com/markets/healthcare-digital-signage/.


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San Francisco Airport's Wayfinding Touchscreens

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) services more than 41 million domestic and international travelers annually. The airport is one of the largest in the United States and features 4 terminals with 7 boarding areas. Back in 2012 SFO launched a project to renovate Boarding Area E. As a part of this project SFO chose Omnivex Moxie to create an interactive wayfinding tool in this renovated area that would eliminate the need for various static maps, assist in navigating from terminal to terminal, and provide travelers with the best route to get where they need to go.