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140 FLEXCurve Video Tiles at "Give Thanks" Holiday Celebration

140 FLEXCurve Video Tiles at "Give Thanks" Holiday Celebration
  • Go Live Productions’ production designer Scott Moore teamed with Elite Multimedia to design 140 FLEXCurve 8mm LED video tiles for World Outreach Church’s “Give Thanks” holiday celebration. The event, held at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, featured inspirational speakers, musical performances, and a percussion display. It needed a video backdrop to highlight the onstage performances.

The FLEXCurve from PixelFLEX is a dual wing curving LED tile. Designed with a 4mm – 12mm pitch made for both indoor and outdoor applications“I’ve been involved with ‘Give Thanks’ for the last three years, and each year the design process is entirely dependent upon what the programming material is going to be,” Moore said. “I knew I wanted to create a nice, clean aesthetic so that when we looked at the stage during the production it really felt like a piece of art. By using the FLEXCurve LED video tiles, we were able to accomplish a beautiful scenic design that accentuated all the elements of the production from the energetic 30-member Stikyard percussion ensemble to Martina McBride and the evening’s speakers as well.”

The FLEXCurve from PixelFLEX is a dual wing curving LED tile. Designed with a 4mm – 12mm pitch made for both indoor and outdoor applications. The FLEXCurve LED video screens features easy top-mounting, “Rig and Click” vertical interconnect, alignment, plus quick horizontal interconnect and curve setup.

“The complete LED video system was comprised of 22 columns of FLEXCurve LED tiles hanging at 45 degree angles off each other,” Moore said. “When I was looking at the LED video options available, I really liked the size of the FLEXCurve panels and an 8 mm product would work perfect for what I needed. By having a 30” x 30” tile, we were able to hang two tiles together at a 45 degree angle from one another and then hang the subsequent tiles underneath to create the vertical LED walls. In total we used 140 of the FLEXCurve LED panels and it only took us a short time to install the complete LED video system.”

The locking system of the FLEXCurve allows for a fast vertical panel connection required for the short timeframe of completing the project.

Moore created the video content for the show with AJ Morgan using Catalyst Media Servers.

“The video content this year was a lot of atmospheric design that we produced out of our stock library,” Moore said. “AJ really helped us out tremendously with his understanding of SMPTI time code, and we were able to be pretty flexible as to how we mapped the content to the different columns. Throughout the show, we were able to control each column individually or have them work in unison as one which allowed us to really manipulate the video for a wonderfully custom production. For example, with the Stikyard performance, when they were using the metal grinders, we created custom spark content and used SMPTI time code to fire it in sync with the performers on stage and it looked great.”“At the end of the day, the LED video columns created by the FLEXCurve looked amazing,” Moore said. “While it was initially the size of the FLEXCurve that sold us on its usage for this application, it was their complete performance that solidified the production design. If I had chosen another panel, we would not have been able to create the custom LED columns the way we did, and that would have completely changed the clean and artistic aesthetic that we achieved inside the Bridgestone Arena.”

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