StrandVision, Pacific Signage Pact Offers Online Access -

StrandVision, Pacific Signage Pact Offers Online Access

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StrandVision LLC (, an online digital signage company, and Pacific Signage (, a digital signage hardware supplier, have entered into an agreement in which StrandVision resellers and customers will be provided with a custom login to the Pacific Signage online catalog. With this login, visitors to the catalog will receive information that will help them specify, design and implement digital signage installations. In addition, they will receive special project pricing for hardware products that they purchase from Pacific Signage.

StrandVision offers an Internet hosting service that eliminates backroom computer and support costs and complexities. Pacific Signage was created out of a need to assist forum members obtain digital signage hardware for digital signage projects both large and small.

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StrandVision's YouTube Signage Channel

StrandVision Digital Signage has added a YouTube Channel to offer short, targeted, information sessions and tutorials on StrandVision’s cloud-based service, specific electronic signage features and general digital signage topics, including installation, content design and visitor/employee communication recommendations.

StrandVision Digital Signage for McLean

StrandVision LLC today announced that McLean Implement Inc. has deployed StrandVision Digital Signage displays at several of its agricultural equipment stores. The installations, supported by Leslie Enterprises Inc., also of Albion, provide information to customers at McLean’s parts counters and service areas.

StrandVision Offers Free Software to Houses of Worship

StrandVision Digital Signage has announced that it is offering a free digital signage software system to churches, mosques, synagogues, temples and other places of worship. Qualified House of Worship customers receive one Basic Digital Signage Software package for free. The Basic Package normally sells for $499.99 per

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StrandVision People Pages for Digital Signage

StrandVision Digital Signage now offers custom “People” electronic signage pages to make it easy for companies and organizations to automatically call up individuals or groups in order to feature employees’ and members’ birthdays, anniversaries and other events or accomplishments.