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WorxAudio Helps Venice-Nokomis United Methodist Church Bring Clarity to its Message

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Nokomis, FL — March 2016… Founded in in 1868 by the Reverend Jesse Knight, one of the first settlers in this region of Florida, Venice-Nokomis United Methodist Church has been providing spiritual guidance to the community for 147 years. Like many houses of worship, the church has evolved over time in order to address the interests and expectations of its congregation. Recently, church management determined that a new sound reinforcement system was necessary to better support its various programs—and this led to the deployment of an X3i Ultra Compact Line Array system drawn from the TrueLine catalog of WorxAudio® Technologies (www.worxaudio.com), a division of PreSonus® Audio Electronics (www.presonus.com).

Creative Sound and Lighting Solutions, LLC, of Cape Coral, Florida, an AV design/build firm that handles audio, video, lighting, and acoustics for the commercial and church markets, was contracted to design and implement the new sound system at Venice-Nokomis United Methodist Church. Rob Robinson, general manager and co-owner of the firm, managed the project. He discussed the installation and his reasons for selecting WorxAudio’s TrueLine X3i Ultra Compact Line Array.

“Until the deployment of the WorxAudio X3i line array system, services remained fairly traditional,” Robinson explained. “Like many churches these days, they recognized the need to offer a more contemporary program as the best means for engaging and, thus, being more relevant to the younger generation. The goal was to deploy a system that not only increased speech intelligibility and provided consistent coverage throughout the space, it also had to provide solid support for music. Only then would a praise band and vocal team have the means of delivering the type of content that younger members of the congregation could appreciate.”

To address these requirements, Robinson and his crew flew a single WorxAudio X3i line array in the center of the stage with the bottom of the cluster roughly 18 feet above the floor. With an unusually broad 160-degree horizontal throw and vertical dispersion of 40 degrees, the WorxAudio X3i incorporates three modules, each with a medium format, 1-inch exit compression driver and dual 8-inch cone transducers.

When queried about those attributes that made the WorxAudio X3i the ideal choice for this particular project, Robinson offered the following, “The horizontal dispersion on the X3i is simply unmatched by the competition,” says Robinson. “This feature enabled us to place a single enclosure that’s capable of covering the entire space. With this particular installation, we chose the 3-module line array because the top module provided the necessary throw to cover the balcony area. Hence, a single enclosure covered all areas of the sanctuary with minimal impact on line-of-sight and aesthetic considerations—and best of all, it sounds terrific.”

On any sound system installation, questions inevitably arise. Here too, Robinson was very complimentary of WorxAudio’s customer and technical support services. “I really appreciate WorxAudio’s support services,” Robinson said. “Tony Flammia and Jeff Page stepped us through the entire process. Jeff's EASE Focus modeling of the room confirmed what Tony believed we should be installing. With this information, we knew the height and angle of the enclosure that would provide maximum coverage. They were extremely supportive.”

Venice-Nokomis United Methodist Church’s new sound system was deployed in mid-October and was placed into service almost immediately afterward. Since that time, Robinson reports his firm has received nothing but compliments. “The church’s project manager, Gary Sanderson, told me after the first service that it went better than he ever expected,” Robinson reports. “The sanctuary has never had that type of coverage with any SR system in the past. People can hear clearly wherever they sit and the music sounds better than ever. This was the perfect system to inject a new sense of purpose into the church’s services.”

For additional information about Creative Sound and Lighting Solutions, LLC, go to www.creativesoundsolution.com.

For more information about WorxAudio Technologies and PreSonus Audio Electronics, visit www.worxaudio.com and www.presonus.com.

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* The information contained herein is, to the best of our knowledge, accurate at the time of publication. The company retains the right to make changes without notice.


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