FIX8Group Joins Roster of d3 Studios Offering Full d3 Technologies Workflow to Customers -

FIX8Group Joins Roster of d3 Studios Offering Full d3 Technologies Workflow to Customers

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d3 Technologies is pleased to announce that FIX8Group has become a d3 Studio offering a full d3 workflow as its in-house solution for pre-production and production of live events. d3 maintains a network of partner studios around the world dedicated to helping fulfill customers' d3 requirements, from consultation and support to client demos and more.

Long-time d3 users FIX8 are based in Stockport, Cheshire, England. The company offers cutting-edge creative, content management and system design services, including projection and LED mapping, 3D interactive design, and immersive presentations. They are known for delivering innovative projects for the corporate, musical, special event and television markets.

"We are delighted that FIX8 has become a d3 Studio, implementing our products and pre-visualization software to deliver unique events to an array of clients," says Sarah Cox, EMEA Sales Manager for d3 Technologies. "Having FIX8 as a d3 studio consultant for the d3 workflow, will support our growing customer base who are choosing d3 as their workflow for media projects."

FIX8's studio is outfitted with d3 Designer, the software-only version of the d3 production suite, as well as 4x4pro media servers so it can turnkey a production with a complete d3 workflow.

"d3 is a fantastic visualizer," says Nick Charalampidis, technical director at FIX8. "We use d3 Designer to previs and program a complete show offline. Then we copy the show onto our d3 server and run it."

Charalampidis notes that the company counts on d3's dependable, mission-critical performance for events destined for all kinds of venues. "The d3 hardware is solid and reliable. d3 is the most efficient and easiest platform for creating UV mapped shows today".

FIX8 also offers d3 equipment rentals for customers with continuing needs for a d3 solution for the duration of their projects.

About d3

d3 is the world's first fully integrated visual production system for video professionals, combining a real-time 3D stage visualizer, timeline, video playback engine and projection mapping tools into one product. d3's unique integrated workflow assists the designer at all stages of the project, from pitch through development to final delivery. For more information visit


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