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Raven White Paper Details Talon 5 Engine Advantages Over HDBaseT™ for Digital Signal Extension

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Technology designed specifically for commercial use trumps consumer-focused solutions

Brookfield, CT July 30, 2014 – Pro AV equipment manufacturer Raven Research announces the availability of a white paper detailing exactly why Raven’s Talon 5 engine is a superior signal extension and distribution solution to the popular system on a chip gaining widespread proliferation—HDBaseT.

Authored by Raven Chief Scientist and founding partner Chris Miller, the white paper is entitled Professional Digital AV over UTP and Fiber: THE RIGHT WAY.

Below are a few snippets from the paper:

The core team at Raven Research has been active in the development, manufacture and support of signal management products since the 1980s. Ever since then, the team has focused on developing new and unique solutions that don’t rely on packaged SOC (system on chip), “app note” driven or cookie cutter approaches.

HDbaseT relies on a bespoke chipset that implements high speed DSP to restore TMDS eye patterns and to actively neutralize inter-pair crosstalk. While it represents a fairly sophisticated and often significant improvement over earlier EQ-only systems, like its ancestors, HDBaseT operates in the four-lane, full bandwidth, baseband domain (brute forcing signals through UTP cable, far, far above the cable’s intended and specified operating bandwidth).

For that reason, HDBaseT continues to be less than ideal for many commercial and industrial implementations.

Similar to other approaches that rely on propagating full bandwidth baseband signals over four lanes, HDBaseT’s adaptive receiver equalization makes it susceptible to sources of electromagnetic interference. Sources of interference include electrical system grounding noise, local-wireless & public cellular communication equipment, power tools, high-energy electrical equipment and even hostile crosstalk from other cables carrying HDBaseT signals or Ethernet cables.

The full paper is available for download from the Raven website here.

Raven currently offers the SX3100 Transmitter and Receiver, a product capable of delivering digital video (1080p), IR, RS-232 and USB signals on a single category cable to a distance of 525 feet (160m) and the SX3107 1x7 Distribution Amp, which when used in concert with the SX3100 Series, can drive and reclock digital signals an additional 525 feet (160m) from an SX3100 Transmitter, to SX3100 Receivers or any number (no limit) of additional SX3107 DAs.

Additionally, the Raven SX3109 is a rack-mountable frame that can store and power up to nine SX3100 Transmitters, Receivers or SX3107 DAs in just 5U of space.

About Raven Research:
Based in Brookfield, CT, Raven proudly serves the Professional Audiovisual community as providers of high quality, high performance audiovisual and mixed signal connectivity solutions. The Raven product portfolio is focused on delivering high quality digital video and bi-directional auxiliary signals over CAT5/6/7 and (soon to be announced) optical fiber cables.

With over forty years of combined experience developing and manufacturing signal management technology, our goal is to provide products that give users the flexibility, reliability and performance needed to differentiate them from the competition.


HDBaseT is a trademark of the HDBaseT Alliance


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