Bose® FreeSpace® Loudspeakers Provide Veggie Grill Locations with Audio to Match the Quality of the Cuisine -

Bose® FreeSpace® Loudspeakers Provide Veggie Grill Locations with Audio to Match the Quality of the Cuisine

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In more than 25 stores and counting, throughout California and Washington, Veggie Grill stores are relying on the sonic quality of Bose® loudspeakers to buttress the brand’s high-quality vegan fare

Framingham, MA, September 17, 2015 – Based in Santa Monica, California, fast-casual vegan restaurant Veggie Grill has taken off. The restaurant chain, which opened its first store in 2007 in Irvine, California, now operates over two dozen outlets in three states, focused on offering only plant-based food, with no meat, dairy, eggs, cholesterol, animal fat or trans fat. Veggie Grill’s management works hard to have every aspect of its customer experience reflect a sense of high quality and high standards, and that extends from the food to the background music. That’s why virtually all of Veggie Grill’s more than two-dozen locations — there were 28 as of the end of 2014 — now have sound systems from Bose® Professional.

Depending upon an individual location’s overall size and interior dimensions, a Veggie Grill restaurant will have anywhere from four to 16 Bose FreeSpace® DS-16F, DS-40F or DS-100 surface-mount speakers provide full-range sound for background music. These are powered by Bose PowerMatch® PM4250N configurable networked amplifiers, which allow Veggie Grill to control the volume level, on and off times, and the content mix for the audio in all of its locations, from its central office in Santa Monica via Ethernet connection. Locally, each store manager can also control the audio mix, using the Bose ControlSpace® CC-64 networked controllers that are wall-mounted in each outlet. This combination of sonic quality, networked system management, and the highly regarded Bose reputation for technical excellence has made Bose the choice for the Veggie Grill chain.

“I’d say that the Bose brand was a huge part of their decision when it came to choosing sound systems,” says Rene Perez, Field Engineer for Accelerated Communications, Inc., the AV systems integrator that is doing the AV systems installations for Veggie Grill nationally. “The Bose brand conveys a perception of very high-end audio, and that fits well with Veggie Grill’s message about the quality of its food.”

Perez says the Bose systems fill the stores with music all day long, drawing on content loaded on locally based music servers, with the FreeSpace DS Series loudspeakers able to provide full-spectrum sound without the need for subwoofers. “The most widely used are the DS-40F speakers because of their versatility and flush-mount design; we use the DS-100 in locations that have very high ceilings; the DS-16SE on outdoor patios; and the DS-16Fs for small areas such as hallways and bathrooms,” Perez explains, adding that FreeSpace 3 subwoofer/satellite systems are also used in a few smaller locations. “What’s great is that Bose offers a range of speaker sizes that let us address every type of situation we encounter. And the networkable aspect of the PowerMatch amplifiers and the CC-64 controller gives the company control over how its message is conveyed but at the same time lets local managers adjust the sound as they need to as business changes during the day. Bose Professional offers the whole package — great sound, great functionality, and a brand name that people associate with high quality. It’s the perfect choice for a restaurant like this.”


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