SmartAVI's FXCore-Pro: Secure Fiber KVM Matrix Switch -

SmartAVI's FXCore-Pro: Secure Fiber KVM Matrix Switch

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Prized by governments, military organizations, and leading groups in the private sector, fiber optic technology offers the pinnacle of high performance digital connectivity. Designed for the secure transfer of all types of digital signals, fiber optic cables deliver uncompressed data, HD visual content, crisp audio, and confidential documents across vast distances at lightning-fast speeds, all without risk of interference or interception. High-profile industries often need to take their clandestine operations a step further, exerting control over remote systems from a central location. Luckily, SmartAVI has designed the ideal solution: the FXCore-Pro.

The FXCore-Pro is a fiber optic secure KVM matrix switch, specifically designed as a convenient command tool for safe digital workflow management and private communication. Outfitted with an expandable range of input-output ports, the FXCore-Pro takes uncompressed digital signals from up to 16 source devices and connects them to end-point stations in the blink of an eye. Better yet, each connection is entirely flexible, so end-point users can access any signal source connected to the FXCore-Pro. The FXCore-Pro takes signals from computers, HD video players, CCTV cameras, server racks, PCs, streaming devices, and more, as each connects to one of SmartAVI’s FDX-3000 fiber extender units.

This powerful pairing of the FDX-3000 units and the FXCore-Pro delivers a stunning signal range of nearly 30 miles between source devices and end-point users in single-mode transfers. For more comprehensive command applications, multi-mode users can connect to numerous devices up to 3,000 feet away, switching between each without the hassle of reconfiguring connections. IT administrators and supervising operators who need direct control of remote systems will find a lot to love about the FXCore-Pro solution, especially its secure design and reliable KVM performance. KVM operation over fiber networks offer unparalleled levels of protected keyboard-video-mouse command on remote PCs, essential for users who need to step in on in-progress operations for expedited or corrective workflow.

Fiber optic signal management plays a key function in nearly every mission-critical industry: from emergency response coordinators to transit managers to military commanders, fiber connectivity keeps an operation running smoothly and securely from any distance. The FXCore-Pro concentrates and simplifies fiber exchanges by routing multiple incoming signals through a single, easy-to-use matrix switch, sending them to end-point users just as efficiently. For unparalleled command of clandestine networks, look no further than the FXCore-Pro secure fiber matrix.

Learn more about the FXCore-ProHERE.

About SmartAVI:

SmartAVI, Inc. is a world-leading innovator of digital signage and AV signal distribution based in North Hollywood, California. SmartAVI is internationally known for its aggressively-priced, high-quality audio/visual signal management solutions. System architects everywhere have come to rely on SmartAVI's innovative technologies and commitment to the highest standards in AV solutions. Users that have embraced SmartAVI's expertise include: NASA, Boeing, DreamWorks Studios, Johnson & Johnson, the United States Army, Procter & Gamble Company, Adobe Systems Incorporated, Lockheed Martin, Monte Carlo Resort, and Miller Brewing Company.


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