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LMG Touring supports Country Music's Breakout Artist, Sam Hunt

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American Country Music Singer-Songwriter, Sam Hunt has taken the nation by storm with his debut album, Montevallo, reaching double platinum. The Georgia native is the first artist to reach three top country charts simultaneously in 22 years. LMG Touring is on the road with Sam Hunt in support of his tour.

The vision behind the design of the tour was to create a unique show while accommodating for the headline and support slots Sam would be performing in. “The key question that was on our minds during conception, was how do we design an experience that puts Sam at a new level as an entertainer, but yet be efficient and clean with these support slots,” explains Graig Clinton, Production Manager for Sam Hunt.

To bring Sam’s musical moments to life, LMG’s 18MM Hybrid LED tiles were chosen for versatility. “The Roe 18MM Hybrid, played a roll in a major last minute design for a surprise street show in Nashville for Sam’s one-year anniversary of Montevallo,” says Clinton. “We wanted that show to be somewhat of a birthing place for ideas for 2016. We were intrigued by the 100mil dot and the ability to use multiple content in one panel. Essentially, using it as another “lighting” fixture.”

“We bounced around the idea of going more high res with the panels, but landed that on a content stand point, we valued more textural elements in stead of focal content,” states Clinton. “Having the Hybrid allowed more flexibility in creating those moments. We are very pleased with the decision to stick with this product.”

Quick load in and out was the focus in the initial design of the show. “The main thing we wanted was to be able to get off support positions in 8 to 10 minutes,” explains Clinton. “Along with being able to produce to great show. The great thing about this rig, is that it is somewhat flexible. That was our main goal in the design and outlook of the year.”

LMG Touring and the production team worked closely together to translate the high energy of Hunt’s music. “LMG, played a huge part in the direction of this vision. Craig was able to engage during the creative process and offer many different solutions,” says Clinton. “Having the ability to have someone gain a bigger prospective and catch the vision was an amazing experience when trying to land the right products for the show. The flexibility that LMG had during the many changes was extremely impressive and proved to show much investment to our direction.”

“It’s been a pleasure working with the Sam Hunt team. They are using our ROE Hybrid product in very creative ways.” Craig Mitchell, LMG’s Touring Director, recaps. “It’s a great looking show!” 

For more information contact Craig.Mitchell@lmg.net or visit www.lmg.net 


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