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d3 Technologies Debuts New Name – disguise – and Explores The Future of Projection at LDI 2017

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disguise, formerly known as d3 Technologies, are making their mark at this year’s Live Design International. The company, which have just announced their new name, will demo the future of projection and showcase their award-winning gx range of media servers.

d3 Technologies have revealed a new company name -disguise- at this years’ LDI. The new name wraps up a momentous year of key changes and growth for the company which finds an expanding international community using their technology at the heart of some of the world’s most exciting cultural experiences, in verticals including concert touring, broadcast, theatre, fixed installs and, most recently, film. Despite this rapid growth, disguise maintain they’re still the same company at heart, focused on the same level of support and innovation that have earned them success. LDI marks the start of an exciting new chapter for disguise, which will reveal a snapshot of future developments with an experiential demo exploringThe Future of Projection.

“This year at LDI, we’re doing something different. Instead of showing our products as they exist at the moment, we’re offering a sneak preview of what’s coming next. With the help of our friends at Barco, DWP Live, Possible, LMG, Bild, Satis&Fy, and VT Pro, we’ve gone out of our comfort zone and created a projection demo like you’ve never seen before,” says Ash Nehru, founder of d3 Technologies / disguise. “Our user community use our products to overcome the hardest challenges in the projection industry - short setup times, large numbers of projectors, huge content resolutions, complex surfaces, moving objects, and more. With this demo we want to show our vision of a world where these challenges have been overcome,” he adds.

Thegx rangewill power the content forTheFuture of Projectionbooth. The new range of media servers, launched by disguise earlier this year, is helping creatives and technologists push the boundaries of live show design. Developed to support real-time, generative content, the gx range offers Gold support for Notch and features a 2-year Notch playback license demonstrating the tight integration between the two companies. The gx range has already been used across dozens of shows around the globe and has also been awarded the PLSN Gold Star for Best New Media Server at this year’s LDI, a respected industry prize chosen by the editors and writers of the industry publication.

The‘Future of Projection’is a must-see at this year’s LDI. Visit the disguise Booth #1831 or stay tuned for insights, video footage and interviews.

disguise.one / d3technologies.com

About disguise

disguise is building the next generation of collaborative tools to help artists and technologists realise their vision. Use the disguise software-only show design tool to visualise, design, and sequence projects wherever you are. Then when it’s time to deliver, pick one of their hardware options with the right amount of power to seamlessly turn your concept into a creation. For more information, visit disguise.one

About our Partners

Collaboration is key to how disguise execute their innovation, and the complex production for this year’s LDI booth has been no exception. Design studioPOSSIBLE, Inc., whose recent work includes the Justin Bieber world tour and Coachella Festival, created and produced the creative content.Barcohave helped by giving access to their brand new F80 projectors andDWP Live,the first in the US to have the new Barco projectors in their rental fleet, have loaned the projectors and other equipment for the booth, as well as on-site projection specialists.VT Pro Design, a full-service creative firm, have played a key role in fabricating and engineering complex elements of the booth, alongsideLMGwhich have provided rental equipment and rehearsal space.Satis&fyare the booth build partner, and newly formedBild Studioshave been central to the project set up, controlling content workflow and onsite programming.


d3 Technologies Rebrands as ‘diguise’ promo image

d3 Technologies Rebrands as ‘diguise’

disguise, formerly known as d3 Technologies, unveiled its rebranding at the 2017 Live Design International show, which was held from November 13–19 in Las Vegas. The company demoed “The Future of Projection” and showcased its gx range of media servers.

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