Bogen’s Cindy Peters Talks Brand Strategy, Tomorrow’s Challenges

Bogen’s Cindy Peters Talks Brand Strategy, Tomorrow’s Challenges

Quick Bio

Name: Cindy Peters
Title: VP, Marketing and Product Management
Company: Bogen
The Future: The Nyquist pure IP communications platform, launching at InfoComm, is the first of many advanced technology solutions to look out for from Bogen.

SCN: What is your position, and what does it entail? What are your responsibilities?
Cindy Peters:
As the VP of marketing and product management at Bogen, my primary focus is on developing strategy and execution details to ensure we have the most successful products in markets with the best potential, with all of our brands: Bogen, Apogee Sound, and our residential brand, NEAR. Our marketing team manages all traditional marketing activities such as literature, training, trade shows, customer communications, demand generation, websites, advertising, etc. The product management group is responsible for the product management process, product roadmap, and product development.

SCN: How long have you been at this position?
Since November 2013.

SCN: How has your background prepared you for this role?
My entire career has been spent working for audio companies selling in the consumer and commercial electronics industry. During my early career with Altec Lansing, I held many positions in sales, marketing, and product management, all of which focused on customer needs. We sold audio products into the consumer electronics market and also designed, developed, and sold integrated audio solutions to businesses, such as Dell, HP, IBM, and Gateway. I recently worked for LG Electronics, developing channel strategy pricing, promotion, and trade contracts for the large dealer networks, selling to major retailers, resellers, and integrators. With Altec, I developed the “all hands on deck” spirit found in smaller companies and demonstrated the ability to get involved with and learn many different aspects of the company’s success. LG helped me see all that is possible with best-in-class practices, strong channel strategy, and brand value.

SCN: What are your short- and long-term goals?
Working in a small company requires one to focus on many different and competing priorities at once. My short-term professional goals include successfully launching a new pure IP duplex communications platform called Nyquist, growing top line revenue, and increasing brand value for Bogen. Longer-term goals include developing Bogen’s international business strategy, developing a brand strategy for the Bogen-owned professional audio brand, Apogee Sound, and developing company-wide practices for delivering the best possible customer experience.

SCN: What is the greatest challenge that you face?
We have to be ever mindful that we are the stewards of a company with a long legacy. We have to honor the accomplishments of those who came before us, and at the same time, meet the challenges of an ever-changing world. It is quite a challenge to deliver high-quality, competitive products to our dealers and distributors in the marketplace today. Working in a small company requires hyper multitasking. It is a daily challenge to separate the vital from the urgent, define priorities, successfully complete projects, and encourage team members to do the same.

SCN: Where do you see your market heading?
Effective communication is more vital than ever before in our turbulent times, and that signals to us a need for continuing growth in all the segments in which we compete.

SCN: Are there new initiatives we are likely to see from Bogen?
Recognizing the changing times and the emergence of IP systems in all fields of audio, home control, and communications, Bogen management initiated dramatic changes across the entire company to better serve Bogen’s customers. Sweeping changes in people, process, purpose, and place have lead to a fundamentally changed company. At InfoComm, we will be unveiling this “New Bogen” to the industry. The Nyquist pure IP communications platform, which launches this year at InfoComm, will be the first of many advanced technology solutions that Bogen will provide to ensure dealers’ success in the marketplace.

SCN: How can systems contractors better position themselves to profit from products and/or services you have to offer?
Introducing IP product solutions requires our dealers, and us, to evolve and learn. We encourage those dealers who have not yet acquired IT expertise to do so with the greatest urgency via training and/or new hires. We must all face the reality that IP control, smart devices, and the Internet of Things are rolling into every aspect of daily living. We, and our dealers, must embrace today’s technological trends and prepare to proactively meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Lindsey M. Adler is editor of SCN. Follow her on Twitter @lindseymadler.

Lindsey M. Adler

Lindsey M. Adler is an audiovisual storyteller based in New York.