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Bosch Goes Big At Cowboys Stadium

by Kirsten Nelson My favorite AV industry stories tend to involve incredible feats of access. I've talked to people who work behind the scenes in all sorts of top-secret and high-risk locations. But I have to confess, even the most basic equipment room can seem elite, with its bevy of patch cables (yes, those still e

Insourcing: a surprising success story

The sleepy Norwegian town of Fredrikstad seems an unlikely place to track down one of the world's most innovative video projector manufacturers. But since 2001, projectiondesign has been designing and building an increasingly versatile range of projectors here, steadily expanding its facility and, in the process, carving out a unique market niche.

Lectrosonics: Fanatics For 40 Years

The company motto says it all: "Made in the USA by a Bunch of Fanatics." That colorful phrase reveals the ethos of privately held Lectrosonics , which manufacturers all of its products at its newly expanded headquarters in Rio Rancho, NM. As the company celebrates 40 years in the business of sound, its longstanding t