What Matters More: Skills or Degrees? (Inside Higher Ed)

"Historically, employers made the baccalaureate, and in some cases advanced degrees, the gateway to an interview. If you did not hold the sheepskin, you would not get in the door. But times have changed. Rapidly advancing technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics, robotics and the advent of quantum computing have created an environment in which much of what is learned in college becomes outdated in a few short years. Certainly, the soft skills of creative thinking, critical thinking, communication and leadership do not go out of date and remain in demand by employers. But the hard facts and skills of most of the disciplines are changing as technology ripples through the economy and society."—Source: Inside Higher Ed

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Times are a-changing. Today, employers are more interested in an applicants skills than the degrees they have earned. This has clear ramifications for higher ed — schools that have created pathways that aren't tied to degrees will likely be more nimble if this trend continues in the future.