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We sat down with Gina Sansivero, one of the organization’s founders and vice president of marketing and communications at AtlasIED, to get an exclusive look at the new organization and its plans.
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Women in AV/IT (WAVIT) officially launched on January 17, 2023. Founded by and for women, the group’s primary purpose is to strive for gender equality in the AV/IT industries and recruit and retain women in the industry.

AV Technology sat down with Gina Sansivero, one of Women in AV/IT’s founders and vice president of marketing and communications at AtlasIED, for an exclusive look at the new organization and its plans.

AV Technology: How did Women in AV/IT come about?

Gina Sansivero: It came from a community of women who have a love and passion for the industry, and want to build and provide the resources necessary to make our industry better, safer, and stronger. This particular organization is born from the minds of those who experienced challenges, and who came together to explore ways to advocate not only on their own behalf but for others. We needed a firm headwind to keep us on course, and chose to be our own headwind.

AVT: Why are you personally involved in the group?

GS: I want to help make a stronger industry through the inclusion of all points of view and levels of experience, and create an influx of talent. It’s critical that we have women involved in ProAV at every level and I want to create thought leadership opportunities for all.

AVT: What is WAVIT looking to achieve in both the long and short term?

GS: WAVIT meets women wherever they are in their professional lives to help them with career advancement. One of the initiatives that is lacking in our industry is the development of career pathways for women, and a specialized commitment to help women in the industry move into leadership roles. Additionally, we believe that a true and formalized mentorship program will help women at all levels find support and progression in their professional and personal lives. We identified the need for a dedicated focus on activities and actions that support the “women of tomorrow” as they find their love of STEM, AV, IT, and parallel industries. 

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AVT: How does WAVIT fit in with other existing groups like the AVIXA Women’s Council?

GS: WAVIT will complement the AVIXA Women's Council mission. We want to cooperate and engage with all our trade associations and partner alliances on initiatives that affect women in AV/IT. Being a dedicated and focused organization, WAVIT is able to support a variety of industries, markets, and associations with agility and resources created to ensure action and impact.

AVT: How can people get involved with Women in AV/IT?

GS: Check out the WAVIT site and sign up. You can also reach out to anyone on our board of directors with questions and to find out how to get involved.

AVT: Anything else you’d like to add?

GS: I’m really excited to work on this initiative with such a high-caliber group of women, and I can’t wait to see the ripples we’re creating turn into waves of change.



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