Watch This: New York Islanders, JBL Help Fans Feel the Emotion Through Sound

The New York Islanders UBS Arena full for a game gets amped up with JBL Professional sound solutions.
(Image credit: JBL Professional)

Welcome to UBS Arena, the multifunction venue in Long Island, NY. While it serves as the home to the NHL's New York Islanders and its fans that fill the 19,000 seats, it also hosts basketball, large concerts, and corporate events. With the help of JBL Professional solutions, USB Arena truly amps up the fan experience. 

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When it came to how they wanted things to sound, the looked no further than New York City, just a few miles away. The goal was to sound as good as famed Madison Square Garden.

So far, with a JBL line array system in place, they have succeeded (or maybe even exceeded) in matching the iconic MSG venue. The system provides, "amazing sound, pumping up the crowd or delivering clear PA announcements throughout the game."  The ultimate goal was to  be able to feel the energy of the PA but also have a conversation with fellow fans. 

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In any venue, sound drives a lot of the emotion, JBL drives that sound and gives them the experience. Said best in the video case study, "it's not just loud, because loud can be painful. The system delivers volume along with clarity. You can hear it, you can understand it, and you can still feel it."

Check it out for yourself in the video below. 

Wayne Cavadi
Content Manager

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