Unmerited Distress: Four Perspectives of a University Coping with COVID-19 (EDUCAUSE Review)

"The 'Drive to Digital Transformation' was immediate and omnipresent in March as the University of Nevada, Reno, like most other institutions in the country, transitioned to remote work, instruction, and learning. Actually, it was less a transformation than a massive traffic jam, with everyone exiting campus. Faculty and staff rose to the challenge, going above and beyond what was expected, and students adjusted, sort of. As it became clear that this pandemic was here for an extended stay, we wondered what adjustments to remote life were needed. What was working well, and what needed more attention? "—Source: EDUCAUSE Review

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To get a solid sense of how institutions have coped with the pandemic, the experiences of a variety of different stakeholders should be taken into account for a clear, comprehensive picture. This research from the University of Nevada surveyed students, faculty, and staff, highlighting some overlapping concerns as well as unique issues tied to each role.