Underground Atlanta's Future Nightclub Trusts Pioneer to Keep the Party Thumping

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The new Future Nightclub, located in the famous Underground Atlanta district of Atlanta, GA, is a crowd-favorite dance and entertainment venue for the city’s music lovers. With the goal of creating a very unique and contemporary experience within historic surroundings, Future Nightclub worked diligently to design an impressive production with video, lighting, and audio for the two-story venue. The Future Nightclub management team worked alongside local AV systems integration company, House of Music Productions, to accomplish this lofty goal by selecting the Pioneer PRO AUDIO XY Series sound system.

Future Nightclub owners Keith Young and Hoosh Mishu approached House of Music Productions in late 2019 to begin the system design process after acquiring a large, oddly shaped, two-story retail space with a large staircase in the middle to be the club’s location. However, as renovations began to take form, the space was almost completely gutted, giving the new nightclub a large, open, main downstairs dance floor and an upstairs stage and show area; both with bars, lighting, video, and audio to immerse the audience all night long.

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"Once we understood the final space design, we started looking at different loudspeakers and sound systems to deliver the experience the club owners envisioned," said Mario Auda and Jeremy Ladd, owners of House of Music Productions. "The owners wanted a sound system that looks great and sounds even better, and that could cover both floors of the club with the fidelity and dynamics needed for today's high-end, live DJ and EDM performances."

Auda worked directly with engineers at Pioneer PRO AUDIO to specify an appropriate sound system and modeled the downstairs and upstairs spaces to craft a precise speaker placement plan. Once finalizing a concept design, Auda and the team brought in Pioneer PRO AUDIO’s latest XY Series system for a live demonstration.

"The demonstration was perfect, and everyone loved the system. The XY Series has a great look that fits the new club atmosphere, but more importantly, it delivers a great sound," noted Auda. "The audio quality of XY is smooth, natural, and accurate, while punchy and impactful. Listeners can really feel the music, and that's what the owners imagined with this space."

The XY Series is a compact, versatile PA/monitor loudspeaker system perfect for venues and applications of nearly any size. The system's unique high and mid-range blended design produces a tightly controlled sound dispersion for an extraordinarily natural sound. This powerful wave throws a great distance, filling all corners of a room with bass, punch, and clarity that is powerfully comfortable for the audience. Because of the cabinets' unique design, fewer boxes are needed as compared to other systems making the XY Series easy to transport, set up, and install.

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"Best thing I like about the system other than how great it sounds, is that we have yet to fix anything after being open for almost a year,” said Keith Young, owner, Future Nightclub. “I like that we have not had to change or tweak anything since the install.”

Auda explained that each system can be used independently to support different events or work together to deliver the same audio throughout the entire club. A Midas M32R console is set up in the main floor DJ booth for expanded mic and instrument control, with installed stage boxes available on the upstairs stage to easily accommodate bands or special events. The entire system is powered by Powersoft XL4 amplifiers, all networked together. The amplifiers' onboard DSP is used to control the complete system.

To round out the workflow, the downstairs DJ booth is equipped with all Pioneer DJ equipment—including the newest Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 Professional DJ Multiplayers.

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"Sean Delaine, House of Music’s main sound engineer and system tech got into the details of dialing in the sound and DSP for the space, and he's been very impressed with what Pioneer PRO AUDIO can do," said Auda. "The club has had many good-sized events, and they've been cranking up the volume—all DSP/system-protected, of course—and they have not had any issues. The XY System perfectly fills the space, and you can absolutely feel the music anywhere in the building; the owners love the system."

Pioneer PRO AUDIO Equipment List:

Downstairs Main Room Dance Floor:

       Quantity                  Model  Description

        4                      XY-3B  Dual 12-inch three-way hybrid loaded Bi-amp loudspeaker

        4                      XY-2  8-inch two-way passive mid-high loudspeaker

        4                      XY-101 10-inch two-way full-range loudspeaker

        8                      XY 218HS Dual driver, reflex-loaded subwoofer

        2                      XY-118S 18-inch bass reflex subwoofer

Upstairs Showroom and Stage:

      Quantity                   Model  Description

        4                      XY-152 15-inch two-way full-range loudspeaker

        2                      XY-2 8-inch two-way passive mid-high loudspeaker

        2                      XY-218S Dual driver, reflex-loaded subwoofer

        4                      XPRS Series High-power, active PA speakers from Pioneer DJ

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