Udacity Developed an AI to Turn Instructor’s Speech into Deepfake-Style Video, But Has No Plans to Use It (eLearning Inside News)

"Deepfakes—the practice of using AI practices of deep learning and neural networks to create fake videos—have been circulating on the internet since 2017. Many have grown alarmed recently with their increasing sophistication and the resulting implications for the spread of misinformation. Udacity, the nanolearning provider, has recently sought to use similar technology to cut the time and effort needed to record and update online courses. On July 4, two former members of their AI development team, Byung-Hak Kim and Varun Ganapathi, released a paper on arXiv.org presenting their work conducted at Udacity, which they call LumièreNet."—Source: eLearning Inside News

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The potential for deepfake-style educational video is less than appealing — while it would make it easier for instructors to create course content, there's something pretty creepy about that idea. Thankfully, Udacity isn't using the tech they've developed — yet.