The ‘O’ in ‘OPM’ Could Stand for ‘Outsourcing’ (EdSurge)

"In their op-ed here in EdSurge, Harris Pastides and Randy Best made the 'pro' case for Online Program Managers. They started off by telling an origin story of sorts, tracing the OPM (as it is known) back to the enrollment management companies of the 1970s. I am not going to make the counterpoint case, since I am a utilitarian when it comes to OPMs. But I contrast with a little more complexity than they present. I believe the right question to ask regarding OPMs is not whether they are 'good' but whether they are a good fit for a particular institution’s needs."—Source: EdSurge

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OPMs aren't right for every institution. No matter where you stand on them, make sure you have the full picture before making the leap. This article shares a more nuanced, realistic view of the OPM market.