The Nine 2023: Jeremy Codiroli

Jeremy Codiroli, The Nine 2023
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Title: Vice President, Process Improvement

Company: AVI-SPL

Location: Richmond, VA

Overtime: Codiroli loves football and played defensive end on a state championship-level team. He also loves spending time with his wife and two kids, mountain biking, and watching as many movies as possible.

Why You Need to Know Him: Jeremy Codiroli has the ability to put a strong focus on complex calculations, data, and processes—but also can transition to more creative thinking to come up with unique outside-the-box solutions. Combining that with his extensive process improvement and supply chain experience allows him to focus on transforming AVI-SPL’s supply chain model, improving consistency as well as the quality of what they provide for their customers.

“We’ve involved some customers in this process, and hearing their excitement for our long-term plan makes me proud to work for a company open to ‘crazy’ ideas and dramatic business transformation,” said Codiroli.

Starting as a supply chain analyst and project manager for a chemical company, Codiroli developed process improvement skills that eventually led him to improve various areas of operations and led to his love of data-driven improvement projects. When Whitlock approached him about being their first-ever process improvement manager, he was fascinated by the possibilities within the AV industry, an industry he knew nothing about at the time.

“For the AV industry to continue its path of continuous growth and market relevance, we need more ‘Jeremys,’ and every CEO should be making these kinds of investments in their business."

Julian Phillips, AVI-SPL

After the merger with AVI-SPL, Codiroli was promoted to director of process improvement. This led to the opportunity to manage more complex initiatives, later leading to his eventual promotion to vice president of process improvement. “I’ve loved every minute of it, and I’d be interested in continuing with the process Improvement or supply chain path within this industry,” he said. “My ultimate goal is to become a COO, since everything about corporate operations excites me to wake up and get started every day.”

One thing he learned pretty quickly is that the Pro AV industry is complex. “This is not an easy industry to master due to the vast number of literally interconnected pieces and processes,” he explained. “Our customers demand high quality, and everything we do should be focused on delivering a consistent experience that meets every one of their needs, on their schedule, wherever they need it.”

Data is king for Codiroli, and he inherently relies on making decisions based on it. Still, he tries not to get stuck in the trap of “paralysis by analysis,” causing him to drag out decision-making due to the goal of perfection. “The key is knowing that sometimes you just need to move forward with a decision and be ready to iteratively adjust your strategy instead of waiting too long to make a decision,” he noted.

Codiroli has achieved a lot at the relatively young age of 32, earning him admiration from the senior leadership team of AVI-SPL, who seek his counsel and support on the future development of the business. “For the AV industry to continue its path of continuous growth and market relevance, we need more ‘Jeremys,’ and every CEO should be making these kinds of investments in their business,” said Julian Phillips, managing director of XTG, the AVI-SPL Experience Technology Group.

For industry newcomers, Codiroli recommends experimenting with various positions until you find what you enjoy best. Nothing wrong with spending time in one area and switching to another that is a better fit in the long term. “There is no greater feeling than loving what you do, and the satisfaction of seeing your organization improve because of your contributions,” he said. “I will never get bored of experiencing that.”

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